Leukemia: symptoms


Leukemia, the symptoms of which will be considered inThis article consists of several blood diseases. Of course, all these diseases are malignant. It has many of its features in infection and development. This disease in general is very specific.

Chronic leukemia: symptoms
Symptoms of acute and chronic forms are different. When a chronic patient is constantly experiencing ailments that can be confused with the symptoms of other diseases. It should be noted immediately that all these ailments are not permanent, but appear and disappear completely unexpectedly. With chronic leukemia, working capacity is always lowered. Even small physical labor will be carried out with great effort. Chronic leukemia, the symptoms of which we are considering, causes sleep disturbances. It's not just about insomnia, but about the constant craving for sleep. In the second case, a person can not get enough sleep, regardless of how much he sleeps. With all this, the brain is so overloaded that it becomes difficult to perceive, let alone remember any information. The body temperature can be increased. The increase may be insignificant, but the discomfort from it is still palpable. It is almost impossible to bring down the temperature.
Blue circles under the eyes - another symptom of leukemia. The patients look as if they have not slept for several nights in a row. The face becomes very pale.

Nasal bleeding may occur. Symptoms of leukemia are also small spots on the body. They are blue and look like stars. In this disease, various skin lesions heal extremely badly. Even a small scratch will bother the patient for more than a month. Immunity is weakened, which means that frequent colds are simply unavoidable. Sores are replaced by one another.

Acute leukemia: symptoms

The emergence of more and more new diseasesis typical for her, too. In acute leukemia, mucous membranes become inflamed. In this case, the symptoms can include vomiting, changing the size of the lymph nodes, a very rapid weight loss. There is also an increase in the liver and spleen.

Patients lose weight instantly. Yes, with acute leukemia, the symptoms are not as worn out as in chronic. As a rule, its detection occurs quite soon. It is worth noting that chronic leukemia is most often detected at random. For example, when analyzing blood for something else.

There are general symptoms of leukemia. These include the change in blood composition. With leukemia, the number of leukocytes in the blood greatly increases. Also, there is a lot of platelets, but the number of red blood cells decreases. Appear blast cells of blood.

Note that many of the symptoms of leukemia are characteristicand for other diseases. To confuse it with something else is not difficult. Do not once again harass yourself with speculation. It is better to see a doctor who will prescribe all the necessary tests.

Treatment of leukemia

Previously, it was considered incurable. Now it is proved that the disease can be defeated. Recovered - almost ninety percent. It is easiest to cure leukemia in a child.
When treatment is important time and when the disease wasdetected. Do not be afraid to see a doctor when you feel that something is wrong with you. Delay can be very expensive. Treatment is always lengthy and can last for years. In the world there are many clinics specializing in the study and treatment of leukemia. It is worth noting that treatment is always very expensive.

To prevent leukemia, you can use special biological supplements. They will help to remove radicals from the body that contribute to the formation and development of cancer.