Rose Oil in Cosmetology


Rose from ancient times worshiped in everythingworld, in many nations she figures not otherwise than the Queen of Flowers. This title is quite deserved, because you can hardly find a flower that can compete with it not only in beauty and fragrance, but also in its usefulness. Take at least a rose oil. About him a lot is said and written, but even so, in a nutshell, it is impossible to describe the uniqueness of this product.

rose oil
In itself, rose oil is included in the list of mostexpensive oils and is very much appreciated. According to some sources, the mention of it occurs already in the VI century BC. Essential oil of rose used for the treatment of a huge number of diseases: from pains in the stomach to shortness of breath. But, perhaps, the main quality of rose oil is its truly magical effect, which it has on the skin of the face.

Rose oil is an indispensable assistant to allwomen in the struggle for beauty, attractiveness, charm and youth, and all because it is the strongest antioxidant and hinders the processes of aging. It is recommended for the skin, which has already begun to lose its natural elasticity and elasticity. No less important, the rose oil can smooth small mimic and age wrinkles, as well as help in the fight against age spots that appear with age. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the oil improves microcirculation of blood in tissues and

essential oil of rose
contributes to overall skin health. But this is not all the useful properties of this product. In addition to the anti-aging effect for facial skin, rose oil has antiseptic, antibacterial action, and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin that may not respond well to other products and care products. Components that are contained in the essential oil of roses, prevent the occurrence of irritation and inflammation on the face.

If you apply a few drops of butter with cream onthe skin around the eyes, then you can get rid of dark circles under the eyes and fine wrinkles in the shortest possible time. Rose oil has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, soothes, relieves depression and fatigue. A kind of roses in bloom, as well as the burning of rose oil,

Rose oil application
contributes to acquiring emotional balance and tunes to a romantic wave, relaxes and soothes.

There are a huge number of ways, likeuse rose oil. Its application can be very different, as already mentioned, in the field of cosmetology and to strengthen the cardiovascular system. In order to increase the effectiveness of your skin care products, you can add rose oil in them. Add it better one or two drops per serving of cream, and in no case do not apply undiluted. Like any oil, rose oil is a very concentrated substance, because of what can be very aggressive in its pure form. In addition to adding oil to creams, you can use it in face masks, as well as in tonics and lotions. It should be remembered that the rose oil is hardening in the cold. Therefore, store it better at room temperature.