Calendula. Application guarantees health


The closest relative of asters and chrysanthemums, butonly less pretentious, it has long been used by a person for medicinal purposes. It's about calendula. Simple flowers of bright yellow or orange color amaze imagination with their beauty and strength, which their nature endowed.

Calendula has found its application from the very beginningsorcerers and herbalists. Today, the plant is recognized and traditional medicine. Decoctions of bright flower baskets are used for lotions on the eyes with conjunctivitis and the presence of barley. Prepare the broth as follows: a spoonful of inflorescences fill in half a liter of boiling water and insist for about 40 minutes. The mouth and throat are rinsed several times a day with tonsillitis, stomatitis and some other diseases.

Calendula application has found and in anticancertherapy. Once it was even called a plant against cancer. In the treatment of gastritis miracle calendula is also widely used: 2 spoons of flowers pour half a liter of boiling water. We wrap for 15 minutes. Infusion is drunk during the day.

If the oily scalp and dandruff deprive yourest and sleep, then here again calendula, the application of which is simply necessary, will become your helper. Mix 5 teaspoons of an alcohol solution of a plant with half a teaspoon of castor oil (and both are sold in each pharmacy). The received structure rub in a head skin before each washing, the result will be swept up very soon, already after several procedures.

With a rapid heartbeat calendula (applicationdecoction: two spoons of flowers and two glasses of boiling water, infused for an hour) will help cope with heart rhythm disturbances. Drink strained broth four times a day for half a glass.

The tincture of calendula for gargling is consideredone of the oldest recipes of folk medicine. Along with him, this wonderful plant was added to teas for the prevention of atherosclerosis, with shortness of breath and a tendency to edema, at high pressure. But hypotonic drugs from calendula are forbidden, as they are contraindicated to pregnant women.

The soothing effect of therapeuticplants. It must be added to sedative collections. Calendula is irreplaceable in the treatment of peptic ulcer, and in any degree of severity. It strengthens the walls of the vessels and stimulates the regeneration of cells, drives bile and is used in the treatment of urolithiasis, it will restore the cycle and relieve pain during menstruation. And since calendula is well combined with other medicinal plants, it is easily included in the compositions of various charges. One of these fees will help to cope with a very delicate problem. With hemorrhoids, prepare the next infusion: take 10 grams of herbs of calendula, yarrow, sage, peppermint, chamomile, kidney black poplar, add a shepherd's bag in the same amount and 15 grams of the following medicinal plants: the root of elecampane, nettle grass. We prepare the broth. It takes 1/3 cup of infusion.

But except for broths, ointments and patches, there isalso calendula oil, the use of which is also well known. It has a bitter taste, yellow-orange color and a characteristic herbal smell. The wound healing effect makes it possible to use oil for wound treatment, the disinfecting property makes it irreplaceable in cuts and scratches, soothing and soothing properties are necessary for the use of calendula oil in cosmetology, while caring for sensitive skin. The spectrum of application of calendula oil is very wide: from sweets to furunculosis, from varicose to hemorrhoids, from burns to diathesis.
If you are the owner of sensitive skin, then in the manufacture of your own massage oil, the best thing to take is the calendula oil. It is ideal for you.