Use sporish: just proven facts!


Bird mountaineer, popularly known as sporish, -one of the most familiar plants for humans. Many people who met him in their gardens, consider this grass a typical weed, but the use of spores in medicine is a very common phenomenon.

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It is used in both traditional medicine andin the people's. The flowers are white, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. The appearance of the highlander depends on the environment of growth. If the spore is very much trampled, then it begins to grow creeping shoots. Leaflets of such a plant reach only half a centimeter in length. In places where sporishu nothing hinders to grow, he can reach a height of up to fifty centimeters, forming a lush bushes. The leaves of such a highlander are more than three or even four times as large. Spore is an annual plant. Shoots appear at the end of June, but already beginning in July, it blossoms to deep frosts, for which it was called sporish. Most often, the plant can be found along roads, on pastures and even on sites near houses. However, it is not recommended to collect it on pastures for cattle.

The use of sporality

spores for conception
First of all, the plant is used as ameans for purifying blood, as it has a pronounced antitoxic effect, while improving the work of the liver. Used sporich and with some gynecological problems, having a beneficial effect on the ovaries and uterus, increasing the probability of successful conception. As a rule, brew sporesh you need four dessert spoons for a glass of boiling water. Then boil for about fifteen minutes. A glass should be drunk for a day in two or three meals (half an hour before meals). Spores for conception can be used as tea, if you brew a teaspoon of dried flowers per liter of water.

You can also brew more concentratedinfusion, that is, two cups of boiling water to fill one dessert spoon of grass, the medicinal properties of the infusion will not change. This infusion should be taken four times a day for half a glass.

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The use of spores in traditional medicine

All useful properties of grass are due to its chemical composition. The plant contains such known substances as carotene and ascorbic acid.
In medicine, aviculary is widely used -extract, which is produced in powder and in tablets and is a hemostatic agent in the postpartum period. In addition, avikulyarin has a diuretic effect, which allows you to apply it in kidney disease and in the presence of kidney stones.

The mountaineer's grass enters and in the composition of Zdrenko's medicine, used for gastritis and certain diseases of the bladder.


Spores is one of the most valuablemedicinal plants. It contains vitamins A, C, K. The use of spores can be caused by the need to normalize the metabolism in the body. Also the mountaineer prescribes after the operation on the kidneys, as it protects the kidneys from the formation of stones. To all other things, the spongy disinfects the intestines, reduces possible irritations of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and strengthens the blood vessels.