When do they use Tranexam for menstruation? Composition and properties of the preparation


Many women are interested in howcorrectly use the drug "Traneksam" with menstruation. After all, many of the fair sex suffer from hypermenoria, against which anemia and some other complications often develop.

The drug "Traneksam": composition and description

This medicine is issued in the form oftablets, and injectable solutions. The main active substance of the drug is tranexamic acid. This product has persistent hemostatic properties. It acts on fibrinolysin, stimulating its transformation into plasmin, which increases the coagulability of the blood.

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On the other hand, the drug quickly removes soreness and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The drug added components that stop the development of an allergic reaction.

The maximum concentration of the substance in the human blood is observed approximately three hours after the administration. The components of the drug are excreted by the kidneys.

What is the use of the drug "Traneksam" for menstruation?

In modern medicine this medicineis used to stop bleeding. In particular, it is often prescribed to patients in the postoperative period. In gynecology, indications for use are bleeding during menstruation.

bleeding during menstruation

In fact, many women suffer frompainful and profuse menstruation. Hypermenorea is considered a deviation from the norm and indicates the presence of various problems in the work of the reproductive system. Abundant discharge and traumatic pain with menstruation are often the result of hormonal failures - which is why teenage girls and women often suffer from such symptoms during menopause. On the other hand, bleeding can be associated with inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.

With such problems, one should immediately turn togynecologist. Only a doctor can determine the cause of bleeding and eliminate it. Nevertheless, in the first place, the patient is usually prescribed haemostatic agents to prevent loss of blood and the development of concomitant complications.

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How to apply the drug "Traneksam" with menstruation?

Of course, to use this medicine withoutthe doctor's recommendation is not recommended, since only the treating gynecologist can determine the dosage. In most cases, to reduce the secretions, you must take one tablet three or four times a day. On average, the course of treatment is about 3-4 days. Injection solutions are used only with massive bleeding and solely in a hospital, where the patient is under the constant supervision of medical personnel.

When to take the drug "Traneksam" with monthly it is impossible? Contraindications and side effects

Like any other medicine, Tranexam hasa number of contraindications. First, it is forbidden to admit to patients prone to thrombosis, as increasing blood clotting increases the risk of blood clot formation. Kidney disease is also considered a contraindication, since the active substances of the medicine can accumulate in the tissues of the excretory system. As for the side effects, some patients complain of headaches, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea. It is worth noting that long-term use of the drug may lead to addiction.