How to brush your teeth properly


Hygiene of the oral cavity is the most faithfulprevention of many problems with teeth and mucous membranes. How to properly brush your teeth can tell an ordinary dentist or dental hygienist. These experts should explain to young children how to properly care for their teeth. Of course, parents can also hold a conversation and show by example, but all the features of the oral cavity of your child is known only by the doctor and he will prompt the optimal actions.

Also, the duties of a dental hygienist includeadvice on the correct selection of toothpastes, brushes, mouthwashes for teeth and other accessories for cleaning your teeth. How to properly brush your teeth is not only a question of sequential manipulations with a brush, but also the right tools, devices that fit just your mouth and will not damage tooth enamel, gum, braces or implants. Also, the effect of toothpaste is of great importance. Harm, perhaps, the wrong choice will not bring, but it will be of little use. A proper brushing of teeth involves not only mechanical cleaning and prevention of plaque and caries, but also a healing effect on the gums, strengthening and nourishment of tooth enamel, teeth whitening. Although whichever outcome is promised, the whitening involves only a return to the natural color of the teeth.

So, if the question "how to properly brush your teeth"consists in a sequence of manipulations, the first stage is a thorough rinsing of the oral cavity. At this stage, the remnants of food between the teeth are removed. You can rinse your mouth with a special remedy, or you can use ordinary water. The next step is to thoroughly clean the front or front surface of the teeth. Next, clean the surface, which bites the food and then the inner surface of the teeth. To ensure that the proper cleaning of the teeth was effective, the internal and external surfaces of the teeth are cleaned by sweeping movements - along the course of tooth growth. Especially carefully it is necessary to clean the biting surface of molars, it is there where carious points are most often formed.

In cleaning the oral cavity important is not only the question of howcorrectly brush your teeth, but also how much the entire procedure should last. The most optimal time is 3 minutes. For children even make special sand timers for 3 minutes. It is for this time that the paste shows sufficient action and spending 1 minute on each tooth surface, you can clean your teeth enough.

But every dentist will tell you how tocare for your teeth and not only at home. After each meal, the mouth cavity should be thoroughly rinsed with a special remedy or water. If food particles are stuck between the teeth, then you can use dental floss. In order to keep your teeth for many years you need to use them correctly and do not bite the wires, threads, etc.

But for an ideal purity of the mouth, knowhow to properly brush your teeth a little. It is necessary to undergo a preventive examination at the dentist every six months. With the same frequency it is necessary to carry out professional cleaning of teeth. It is conducted by a dental hygienist and it will precisely determine how often it is necessary to conduct this procedure for you. The fact is that during professional cleaning the doctor will remove plaque and stone, with which even the best brush and paste can not cope. It is the stone that destroys the enamel of the teeth and they lose their stiffness, begin to crumble, are better suited to carious effects. Some people have a stone formed faster, others - more slowly. This is the reason for the frequency of procedures for professional dental cleaning. Young children, usually, do not spend such cleaning or apply sparing methods.

Love your teeth and look after them properly.