How much alcohol is held in the urine and in the blood of a person?


Well, if the next day after the noisyfeasts - day off. This means that you can get a good night's sleep and get away from the consequences of drunken pastime. But what if you need to get behind the wheel in the morning or go through a medical commission? In this case, it will not hurt to know how much alcohol is kept in the urine and in the organic liquid - blood. The sooner toxins are released, the sooner you will be able to start solving everyday problems.

how much alcohol is kept in the urine

Signs of alcohol in the body

To guess about the use of manalcohol-containing substances, it is not necessary to carry out special diagnostics and take laboratory tests. With a high concentration of toxins in the blood, the effect of the latter becomes so pronounced that it can be seen with the naked eye. So, alcohol, getting into the body, causes the following symptoms:

  • violation of coordination of movements;
  • changes in behavioral manifestations toward extremes (excessive aggressiveness and excitability or increased inhibition);
  • the occurrence of problems with speech, as well as memory impairment.

Those who are interested in how much alcohol is kept inurine or blood, it is necessary to understand that the absence of pronounced signs of intoxication does not yet mean that the toxins are completely eliminated. Even if it seems to you that alcohol already completely does not make itself felt, laboratory diagnostics may well show the opposite.

What determines the rate of excretion of ethanol

Call a clear period for which toxinsleave the body, you can not. Under different conditions, this process will occur in different ways. There are many factors that can affect the length of stay of alcohol in a person. Therefore, in order to determine how many days alcohol is kept in the organs and body fluids in a particular case, the following should be considered:

  • type of alcoholic beverage;
  • volume of alcohol consumed;
  • body mass;
  • gender identity;
  • the amount of food consumed during the reception of alcohol, as well as its nutritional value;
  • speed of getting into the body.

Perhaps, it is necessary to explain these causalfactors. As for the type of drink, it means its strength. The higher this indicator, the longer toxins will "wander" through the body. It is equally important to pay attention to the amount of alcohol consumed and body weight. These factors are interrelated, since a lean person will need less alcohol than full to get drunk. How long alcohol is kept in the body depends on the sex. It is known that in women this process takes about 20% longer than for men.

how many days does alcohol stay in the urine

Food is a real salvation for the body intime of drinking. The more in it the maintenance of fats, the less in blood and urine gets toxins. It should also be taken into account that the slow consumption of the drink guarantees the lowest content of alcohol in the plasma and, as a consequence, its rapid elimination.

3 stages of alcohol stay in the body

There is an opinion that ethanol is fastspreads through the organs and as quickly disappears from them together with the products of decay. However, this is a great misconception, since even after a single use, alcohol goes a long way, on which depends how much alcohol is kept in the human body. In total, there are 3 stages that ethanol passes from the moment it hits the stomach:

  1. The initial stage is suction. This stage covers the period from the time of drinking and before it enters the blood.
  2. The stage of excretion, during which ethanol impregnates all the products of the vital activity of the organism. This includes feces, urine, saliva, sweat and even exhaled air.
  3. The final stage is oxidation. By this time, most of the alcohol is already excreted from the body. The remaining molecules are permanently deposited in the organs of the nervous and reproductive systems.

 how much alcohol is kept in the urine of a person

How to determine the presence of ethanol in the body

There are 3 ways to test a person for drinking:

  1. Respiratory test with a special tube.It is often used to test drivers. Employees of the traffic police know how much alcohol is held in the exhaled air, and therefore resort to the help of such a diagnosis. If alcohol was used less than 10 hours before testing, the tube will show a positive result.
  2. Laboratory analysis of urine.Despite the fact that such diagnostics are carried out in medical institutions, it does not give a reliable result. Errors are possible against the backdrop of a failure by a medical staff or patient to follow the rules for collecting urine, and also for transporting it.
  3. The study of blood composition - a method, practicallysimilar to the previous one. Only in order to find out how many days alcohol is kept in urine, it is necessary to collect urine, here another liquid is given for analysis. The laboratory uses blood from the vein. The results will help to determine the presence of ethanol in plasma quite reliably.

 how long does alcohol stay in the urine

What is the duration of alcohol in the urine?

As mentioned earlier, the analysis of urine composition -This is not a 100% reliable method for determining the presence of ethanol in it. After all, the properties of the fluid being studied can be affected by a huge number of factors. Answering the question about how much alcohol is kept in the urine, doctors say that the maximum period of time is 20 hours. At the same time, passing through the separation phase, toxins are found in urine at their highest concentration. By the onset of the sobering phase, ethanol is already partially decomposed, which reduces the likelihood of its detection in the analysis of urine.

At what period do alcohol molecules linger in the blood?

Despite the fact that alcohol is quite fastpasses the suction stage, it can still be found in the blood. Of course, in this case its concentration will be low, which makes it very difficult to obtain correct results. How much alcohol is kept in the blood and urine, again, depends on the characteristics of the body. Someone will find it difficult to detect ethanol in plasma after 8-10 hours, and someone will not be able to do it after a day.

In any case, when passing tests todiagnosis of a particular disease, blood should not flow a drop of alcohol for 48-72 hours. Even after two days, alcohol molecules can make themselves felt and distort the results of the study.

how much alcohol and blood are kept

Alcohol to alcohol strife

To name the exact data characterizingthe duration of the preservation of ethanol in the body, it is impossible, because they largely depend on the type of drink used. So, if you calculate how much alcohol in the urine is after the beer, you can get the following results: with a body weight of 50 kg toxins will be excreted about 3.5 hours, and at a weight of 80 kg - just over two hours.

Wine will stay in the body a little longer, soas his fortress is higher. In the same person weighing 50 kg, the ethanol removal process will take about 5 hours, provided that he drinks one glass of the drink. Well, if the body mass is at the level of 80 kg and more, then it will be 3-3.5 hours.

The most persistent effect is observed from the usestrong spirits. These include: vodka, gin, cognac, whiskey, etc. The way alcohol is held in urine, blood and exhaled air when used - also depends on the body weight. If a person weighing 50 kg enters a stomach in a 100 ml of any of these drinks, it will take about 8 hours for the ethanol to be eliminated. For body weight equal to 80-100 kg, this number is significantly reduced. Under such conditions, the body gets rid of alcohol in 3-5 hours.

how long does alcohol stay in the body

How to accelerate the process of excretion of alcohol

If it is necessary to minimize the time for plasma purification from toxins, several tips can be used:

  • Take a warm shower. It is impossible to say exactly how much alcohol is stored in the urine of a person when using this method, but it will significantly accelerate the metabolism process.
  • Purify the stomach from toxins with activated charcoal.
  • Give the body a small physical load, for example in the form of a long walk.
  • Drink plenty of water and diuretics (it is better to refuse tea and coffee - they give the opposite effect).
  • Charge your body with a dose of vitamin C. For this purpose, the use of citrus fruits is ideal.

A note for drivers: when you can again get behind the wheel

If you do not know how much alcohol is kept inexhaled air, it is possible to get into a very unpleasant situation with the employees of the traffic police. After all, mint candies or chewing gum is unlikely to help deceive the test device. Therefore, it is advisable not to drink alcohol from the evening, if in the morning you need to act as a driver. Well, in order to find out the exact time for which there is no trace of toxins, it is better to use special reference tables. They give data on the results of the correlation of the main parameters (body weight, type of alcoholic beverage, its volume, strength, etc.).

how much alcohol is held in the exhaled air

Most accidents on the roads are the resultcareless attitude of drivers to the rules, which should be followed while on the road. Therefore, it is very important to at least approximately understand how long alcohol is kept in the urine, blood and other components of the body. But even if you have never got behind the wheel in your life, then this knowledge will not be superfluous.