Camphor oil. Benefits, harm, ways of using


Camphor oil is extracted from camphor wood,which grows in the tropics. Along with useful properties, this essential oil has a number of negative characteristics. This combination is due to the natural qualities of the product.

Camphor oil. Benefit and harm

Due to its positive effect, this essence is widely used in medical, cosmetic and aromatherapy purposes.

Physicians note the high ability of this oilstimulate the cardiovascular system and cause excitation of the central nervous system. Camphoric oil will help to quickly restore cardiac and respiratory activity when they are oppressed. For this it is necessary to introduce such a substance intravenously. The essential oil of camphor helps to cope with radiculitis, arthritis, neuralgic diseases. To do this, apply a compress to the problem areas with camphor, as it has an irritating effect on the skin. Good advice: if a young child is concerned about ear pain, camphor oil will provide first aid and help get rid of unpleasant sensations.

In the treatment of odors, this product hasthe body is soothing and relaxing, and also destroys the foci of infection. However, do not use this essential oil at home without first consulting with the appropriate specialist.

The use of this oil is no less popularamong perfumers and cosmetologists. Camphor oil for eyelashes is applied, significantly improving their condition, promoting growth and strengthening. Such a procedure should be carried out with special care, since unprofessional actions can turn into a strong irritation of the skin. It is necessary to connect 4 drops of camphor oil with a tablespoon of castor oil and apply the resulting mixture to the eyelashes (at night) with a brush or cotton swab. It is very important to avoid getting this substance in the eyes, because getting rid of the sensation of the film is quite difficult.

Camphor oil in a small concentration hascooling and bleaching effect. It also helps to remove itching and irritation. This extract also struggles with freckles. Mixing such an essential oil with any vegetable can be an excellent remedy for fighting acne.

Now consider the harm that can causeuse this product. The negative effect of using this oil is observed, in most cases, with its inept use. An overdose of this product is accompanied by delirium, cramps, overexcitation, dizziness, red face and severe headache.

Use camphor oil is not recommended for people with epilepsy, as well as for those who have increased individual sensitivity of the body.

What diseases can be cured using this essential oil?

  • Such a product is effective in purulent wounds,various kinds of injuries, tumors and dislocations. To eliminate the problem it is necessary to apply compresses with camphor essence to the sore spot. Improvement of the condition is observed after a few days.
  • Umbilical hernia of babies is eliminated by rubbing this oil in the navel.
  • Make a warming massage will help the cleaner, whose oil is mixed with the camphor in equal parts.
  • This oil can alleviate the condition of bedridden patients, as its regular rubbing will avoid bedsores and diaper rash.
  • Drinking twice a day hot milk with four drops of camphor oil, you can get rid of even the most powerful cough.

The use of camphor oil is undoubtedly more beneficial than harm. It is only necessary to carefully observe all the rules of its application.