"Omaron": instructions for use, features of the drug


Nootropic drug with pronouncedvasodilating effect - this is the characteristic of the drug "Omaron". The instruction for use contains an indication that the medicinal product belongs to antihypoxic combined preparations. What does such a vague and incomprehensible wording mean? Let's try to describe the medicine "Omaron" in a more understandable language. It is better to start with its pharmacological properties, since this approach makes it possible to understand the essence of the action of the active substance.

What is Omaron?

Instruction for use, attached todrug, includes a description of the active substances on which its action is based. Each tablet contains 400 mg of piracetam and 25 mg of cinnarizine. In addition, the auxiliary components are also present, but they have no pronounced pharmacological properties. The medicine "Omaron" is produced in white tablets. The surface of the preparation is allowed to show marbling. Tablets are available in cardboard packs packed in blisters. Contour packs contain ten tablets, the number of blisters in the box can vary from 3 to 9 pieces.

Each of the active substances has a specificeffect. Pyracetam has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, including protein. The effect is especially pronounced in the metabolic processes of the brain. Tablets "Omaron" have the property of increasing the resistance of cells to hypoxia, and also contribute to the normalization of the processes of interneuronal transmission. In addition, piracetam affects blood flow in the ischemic zone.

The second active substance is cinnarizine. It has the property of increasing the intake of calcium into cells, reducing their susceptibility to vasoconstrictor factors, and also reducing the overall tone of smooth muscles (which indirectly increases the lumen of the vessels). In addition, cinnarizine dilutes the blood. The general pharmacological property of the substance is manifested in the enhancement of the effect of pyracetam, as well as in the lung vasodilator effect without much effect on blood pressure.

Thus, "Omaron" can be safely consideredthe category of complex drugs that facilitate the normalization of processes in the brain, as well as stimulating the work of the cardiovascular system.


The "Omaron" preparation is recommended for use under the following conditions:

  • problems in the work of the brain associated with insufficient blood flow;
  • encephalopathy;
  • preventive goals (migraines, kinetosis);
  • asthenic syndrome;
  • slow development in the child;
  • Menrea syndrome;
  • labyrinthopathy;
  • decrease of intellectual-mnestic functions;
  • intoxication, trauma and other conditions requiring maintenance or increase of blood flow in the brain.

Indications for use specified in thisinstructions, are recommendatory in nature. The appointment of the drug "Omaron" is performed only by the attending physician. Its dosage is also determined by a specialist.

Contraindications to taking Omaron

Instructions for use, attached to any medication, should have information about contraindications and possible side effects. The drug is not prescribed to patients:

  • up to the age of five;
  • in a state of pregnancy, or during the lactation period;
  • with a pronounced sensitivity to the active substances of the drug, or to the auxiliary elements of the tablet;
  • if hepatic failure, or renal failure (the drug is excreted by the liver and kidneys);
  • with signs of parkinsonism.

Side effects of the drug manifest in the form of sleep disorders, dyspepsia and headaches. In rare cases, allergic manifestations were observed in the form of a rash.

Like any medicine, "Omaron" is dangerous for uncontrolled use.