The drug "Pronoran". Instructions for use


The drug "Pronoran" (an analogue of such drugs,as "Tasmar", "Selegilin", "Parkon" and others) is included in the category of antiparkinsonian means. The active ingredient is pyribedil. The medication is available in tablet form.

After penetration into the active ingredientquickly absorbed from the digestive system. The maximum concentration of the drug is noted after an hour. Slow dissolution of the "Pronoran" tablet provides a gradual release of the active ingredient. The therapeutic concentration of the drug persists for twenty-four hours.

Characterizing the mechanism of action of the drug"Pronoran", the instruction for use indicates its ability to have a vasodilating effect (to increase blood circulation in the vessels in the lower limbs). The medication provokes a dopaminergic stimulation of the electrical activity of the cortex both during sleep and during wakefulness, and also affects various functions that are controlled by dopamine.

Medication "Pronoran" instruction manualrecommends in Parkinson's disease as a mono drug in forms complicated by tremor, or in complex therapy (again or at the beginning of the disease in forms that are accompanied by tremor). The drug is prescribed as an additional symptomatic treatment for the disorder of cognitive function of the chronic course and neurosensory insufficiency against the background of aging (including memory and attention violations). Indications include symptoms of ophthalmic diseases of ischemic nature (including lowering visual acuity, lowering contrast, narrowing the visual field). As an additional therapy, the drug "Pronoran" instruction for use recommends with intermittent claudication associated with obliterating lesions of the lower limbs.

No medication is prescribed for collapse, increasedsensitivity to components, acute myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular pathologies. The drug "Pronoran" instruction for use does not recommend taking simultaneously with neuroleptics, which have strong antipsychotic properties (except for the drug "Clozapine").

Due to the lack of reliable data on the efficacy and safety of the use of medication during pregnancy and lactation, the drug is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women.

Reception of the drug "Pronoran" can causeflatulence, vomiting, nausea. These manifestations are eliminated, usually after adjusting the dose. In some cases, the drug may provoke drowsiness, mental disorders (confusion, anxiety). As a rule, the symptoms are eliminated after the drug is discontinued. Very rarely there may be lability of BP or orthostatic hypotension, an allergic reaction. The drug "Pronoran" (reviews of patients and specialists testify about this) is transferred in most cases well.

The medication is prescribed after eating, inside. Tablets do not need to be crushed. The drug is swallowed whole, squeezed in sufficient water.

For all of the above indications (with the exception ofParkinson's disease) the recommended dose is one tablet (50 milligrams). Take the drug once a day. If necessary (as agreed with the doctor), the dosage can be doubled (fifty milligrams twice a day).

As monotherapy for Parkinson's diseaseappoint 150-250 milligrams (three to five tablets) per day. As part of a combination therapy, the dosage of the drug "Pronoran" is reduced to 100-150 milligrams per day (up to two to three tablets).

If the patient has arterial hypertension, an antihypertensive treatment is prescribed simultaneously with taking the medication.

The use of the drug "Pronoran" should be monitored by a specialist.