Effective celandine treatment at home


Purity is a unique plant that is widelyused in medicine. It has long been used as tinctures, decoctions, as well as for grinding and compresses. It was part of ointments and collections for external use. Today this plant is well known in all countries of the world and is used in conservative medicine.

Treatment of celandine at home
Treatment of the liver and gastrointestinal tract

Prescriptions for treatment of celandine exist, probably,for each disease. So, with the help of decoction from this plant you can get rid of jaundice, kidney stones, spleen diseases, stones in the liver, catarrh of the stomach, etc. Thanks to unique vitamins, celandine fights with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases. With proper application, this plant is able to quickly remove the stones in the liver. But the treatment with celandine at home should be controlled by a doctor.

Treatment of skin diseases

Treatment of skin diseases with celandine is simple andEffective way to get rid of external manifestations of most ailments. Skin is a cover layer of tissue on a person that protects it from external factors:

Recipes for celandine treatment
- temperature drops;

- gusts of air;

- microbes and viruses.

She often suffers from the sun, parasites, rashes andother ailments. How to effectively and quickly cure skin diseases? Quite often in medicine, celandine is treated. At home, it is easy to brew as infusions and teas, and also apply plant juice. In various diseases, this plant is used in different ways. So, let's consider the most frequent cases of skin diseases.

1. Warts. Although many mistakenly believe that such manifestations arise from frogs - this is not so. Warts can indicate a bad metabolism, the presence of fungus, excessive sweating of the extremities. To get rid of them, you can use expensive drugs and procedures right up to laser surgery or refer to an ancient folk method, such as celandine treatment. In the home, it's easy enough: you need to find a fresh bush of this plant and an isolated juice from a torn leaf to spread the wart. This procedure should be done twice a day until the corneal skin completely disappears. Usually within a week or two of the warts disappear.

2. Urticaria, sweating, diathesis. The most common, but unpleasant diseases can be successfully cured with the help of infusion from the celandine. It is prepared by calculating 2 tablespoons of a dry plant per liter of hot water and insisting for three hours. Before taking a bath, pour into it a ready-made infusion of celandine. After such a procedure, external manifestations will significantly decrease, and after three procedures completely disappear.

Treatment of skin diseases with celandine
3. Acne, calluses. Ointment based on celandine dries well pimples and calluses, as a result of which they quickly pass. Before using, you need to consult a doctor, because the nature of the pimples can be different: transient age, hormonal disorders, poor nutrition, pregnancy, poor ecology, fatty skin type.

4. Ringworm. Treatment with celandine at home can get rid of "canine joy." For this, you can use both the juice of a fresh plant and an ointment based on it. Lishay is a fungal disease, so if the moisture gets, the disease will only progress. Juice celandine dries the skin and thus prevents the spread of the affected area. The active elements contained in the purifier have an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, which contributes to the destruction of the fungus and the speedy recovery.