Alcohol and "Ketanov": compatibility, consequences of use and recommendations


Regularly in everyday life, people have toto face pain. The indisposition can be caused by different causes: inflammation, overwork, cold, insomnia, neurological pathologies and so on. To quickly get rid of the painful sensations and bring the state of health back to normal, drug manufacturers create the newest drugs. One of them was "Ketanov".

With alcohol, can I take this medicine or not? This question often arises in patients. Today's article will help you answer it. You will find out what consequences of this combination can occur in different cases.

alcohol and ketas

Characteristics of the preparation: formulation and composition

Before you know, you can drink "Ketanov" withalcohol or not, you need to get acquainted with this medicine. It contains a substance called ketorolac tromethamine. The drug is produced in the form of tablets for internal use and ampoules. The amount of active ingredient is 10 and 30 milligrams, respectively.

The drug is anti-inflammatoryNon-steroidal drugs that exert a pronounced analgesic effect. After use, the drug inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, inhibits cyclooxygenase. This is an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The consumer feels the work of the medication already within the first half hour.

ketans with alcohol can be

Alcohol and "Ketanov": what does the instruction about the combination say?

What information is provided by the annotation? Is it possible to simultaneously use the drug and drink alcoholic beverages? The instructions for use detail the indications and contraindications. Also, you can find here an algorithm for using the drug. But about alcohol, nothing is said.

The manufacturer says that the drug does not havesedative effect, it does not cause opioid effect. Many consumers mistakenly believe that this fact allows you to take alcohol and "Ketanov" together. Let us consider whether such an application is safe.

compatibility of ketanova with alcohol

Pay attention to the indications for use

If you consider the question of whether it is possible to combine alcohol and "Ketanov", you need to pay attention to the indications for its use. The drug is administered in the following situations:

  • febrile syndrome;
  • pain of the tooth, head;
  • postoperative pain;
  • periodic malaises in women;
  • fractures, dislocations and injuries of soft tissues;
  • postpartum condition and pain in oncology;
  • sciatica and osteoarthritis.

In all these situations, the use of alcoholic beverages is unacceptable. After all, they can only worsen the patient's condition.

is it possible to ketans with alcohol

The effect of the drug and ethanol on the digestive system

What will happen if you take "Ketans" andalcohol? The compatibility of these substances is zero due to the fact that both components can destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. It is known that the medicine "Ketanov" is not prescribed for ulcers, intestinal bleeding, colitis and some other diseases of the digestive tract. Such a ban is due to the fact that the drug is able to release hydrogen ions. They penetrate the mucous and muscular membranes of the digestive system, destroying its structure. This leads to the formation of ulcers and hematomas.

Alcohol in large doses works the same way. Ethanol adversely affects the gastric mucosa, alcohol violates the intestinal microflora, causes diarrhea. If you combine alcohol and Ketanov, the negative effect will not just increase, it will increase several times.

can drink ketans with alcohol

Consequences of the combination

Compatibility "Ketanova" with alcohol - no. After taking the drug marked lethargy. Despite assurances from the manufacturer that there is no opioid effect, many consumers have noted a sedative effect. If you take alcohol to everything, it will only get worse. The combination of drugs with alcohol increases the likelihood of side effects. The consequences may be as follows:

  • gastritis, change in taste, bleeding in the intestines, stomatitis;
  • nervousness, drowsiness;
  • nephritis, acute renal failure, frequent urination;
  • change in blood pressure, heart failure;
  • shortness of breath, swelling, allergies;
  • violation of water and electrolyte balance.

In severe situations, the combination of the drug withethanol causes fainting, clouding of consciousness, severe intoxication and coma. The liver cannot cope with both the drug and the incoming alcohol. There is hepatitis, irreversible changes in the blood-forming organ.

Hangover and Ketanov

Often the morning after a merry feast becomesvery sad because there is a hangover. It is manifested by general malaise, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and headache. When consuming large amounts of strong alcohol intoxication occurs, resulting in increased temperature. It is known that the medicine "Ketanov" is able to relieve pain and eliminate fever. So can it be used to treat hangover?

Doctors categorically prohibit conduct suchtherapy. After use, the drug remains in the human body throughout the day. The half-life is from 5 to 9 hours. This means that you can take alcohol only a day after taking the medicine. The opposite rule also works with medication: “Ketans” can be used after the complete elimination of alcohol from the body (a day or two after the feast).

ketans and alcohol compatibility


Is it possible to "Ketanov" with alcohol? Many consumers of the drug answer this question positively. They say they repeatedly took the medicine and drank it. In fact, they were just lucky. Most likely, the dose of ethanol was insignificant. Also, doctors say that the consequences of such combinations may occur after some time.

Doctors do not recommend drinking during treatment. In most cases, the drug is used 2-4 days. The drug is not intended for the relief of chronic pain and long use. Therefore, it is possible to wait a few days and then drink alcohol.


If you are to receive treatment with Ketanov,then give up alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, delay treatment. Indeed, with the simultaneous use of alcohol and "Ketanov" eliminated the action of the latter. Not only will you not get the effect of the treatment, but you will earn a lot of problems. Do not listen to seasoned consumers. Follow the recommendations of the doctor and follow the rules, which says instruction. Good luck!