White spots on the skin (on the tan) why appear?


Summer is always associated with the sea, the sunand, of course, a beautiful golden tan. Fans of ultraviolet use the best and new means for sunburn. Being on the beach, many try to bare the body as much as possible so that under the clothes there are no white patches of skin. Models for getting a perfectly even tan are turned into a solarium, where in just a few minutes the skin will get sunburnt, attractive look.

Being for a long time under the ultraviolet,many do not think, is it safe? For most, only the aesthetic side of the issue is important. Staying in the sun, undoubtedly, positively affects the condition of the body. Under its influence, vitamin D is formed and assimilated, which is extremely necessary for a person. But remember that everything is fine in moderation.

red white spots on the skin

Scientists have conducted studies in whichfound that the likelihood of developing depression, poor mood in sunny weather is minimal, since ultraviolet helps to produce a hormone of joy and strengthen the protective functions of the body. However, in some cases, solar therapy can be harmful to health. Uncontrolled exposure to ultraviolet can cause sunburn, malignant tumors, premature aging of the skin, development of allergic reactions. Also after a prolonged exposure to the sun, a phenomenon such as red skin with white spots can be observed. What are the reasons for this defect and how to eliminate the shortcoming that has arisen, let's talk in today's article.

Effects of sunburn - spots on the skin

Sometimes after sunburn a person discovers thata white patch appeared on the skin. It looks rather unaesthetic, to hide light areas of the skin even with a foundation does not always work. To prevent the occurrence of such a trouble in the future, it is necessary to know why on the skin white spots appear and how to prevent the occurrence of this defect.

white spots on the skin on sunburn


Most often, white spots on the skin appear in thethe presence of fungal infection in the body. Many people do not even know that they have color deprivation. White spots on the skin in this case are the only symptom of the disease. Initially, there is itching and a slight flaking of the skin. Then there are white spots on the skin (on the tan). The reason for this may be an intolerance of the body too high temperatures or high humidity. Under the influence of sunlight in healthy skin cells, melanin is produced, and cells infected with cells are light, since they do not transmit sunlight. Independently deprive does not pass or take place, the reference to the doctor necessarily.

Certainly, most to reveal, why arisewhite spots, quite difficult. Therefore, if a defect is found, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist. Fungal infection can develop due to various unfavorable factors: stress, prolonged intake of certain medications, changes in the acidity level of the skin and many others.

The disease of vitiligo is also manifested by the onsetwhite spots. In this case, white spots appear most often on the skin of the hands and face. Vitiligo is, rather, not a disease, so the body warns about serious pathologies of any organs. Even a disorder of the nervous system and poisoning of the body can provoke the appearance of white spots. In such a situation, one can not do without consulting a specialist. After a thorough examination, the doctor will establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

One of the most mysterious diseases todayis psoriasis, the reasons for it are not exactly established. On health of a person such an ailment does not have a significant negative effect, the only moment is a strong psychological discomfort. Symptoms of psoriasis are red and white spots on the skin, more precisely, they are red spots with white scales that sometimes itch. Such spots are called "psoriatic plaques," they are small in size and are arranged in groups in any area of ​​the body. The spots have dense, rough surface, constantly flaking. The disease is not contagious, but the treatment is difficult enough.

white spots on the skin of hands


Reduced production of melanin can be incorporatedgenetically, prolonged exposure to the sun can provoke unpleasant and irreparable consequences. White spots after sunburn in this case will not be eliminated. Hypomelanosis treatment can not be cured, therefore, before going out to the street, it is mandatory to apply a protective cream to the hands, face and back.


Under the influence of certain medicines, the skinbecomes vulnerable to the influence of ultraviolet and after sunburn can appear white spots under the skin. Therefore, before using the medication, you should carefully read the attached instructions. Such consequences, as a rule, are indicated in the list of contraindications.


Visiting a horizontal solarium, also not worth itforget about precautionary measures. For example, white spots on the skin (on tan) can occur if during the procedure very rarely change the position of the body. The influx of blood to the site of the body, which is subjected to a stronger irradiation, is significantly reduced. It is more susceptible to this skin in the pelvis and elbows.

there was a white stain on the skin

Safe sunburn, or How to prevent the occurrence of white spots on the skin

In order not to have a white patch on the skin,it is recommended to adhere to certain rules. At noon, ultraviolet radiation is the strongest and most dangerous. From 12.00 to 13.00 - the time when sunburn can be obtained with high probability. During this period it is recommended to limit exposure to the sun, this will protect your skin from the aggressive effects of sunlight. If at this time to stay on the street is still necessary, be sure to use a hat. The most favorable time for sunbathing - until 11.00 and after 16.00.

Clothing in this case also plays an importantrole. Reduce the impact of sunlight is capable of dense tissue. Preference should be given to products made from natural materials (cotton, cotton, and so on). In clothes made from synthetic fabrics, it will not only be hot, but there is a big risk of developing an allergic reaction.

It is recommended not to be under direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes, this time is enough to get an even tan.

Do not forget about sunscreen. Their use protects against burns, dangerous for the skin.

white spots under the skin

How to eliminate white spots

Unfortunately, you can not get rid of white spotsalways. If their occurrence is associated with taking medications, you can replace the drugs with more suitable ones. If the cause is lichen, apply special antifungal drugs - "Lamizil", "Mifungar", "Clotrimazole", appoint such medicines should only the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The duration of treatment is about 2 weeks.

When vitiligo should consult a specialist andundergo a comprehensive medical examination. The cause in this case may be a deficit of some vitamins, a violation of the function of internal organs and so on.

At home, you can also fight with suchan unpleasant phenomenon. For a uniform skin color, it is recommended to take hot baths. For bathing use a hard loofah that helps exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis. To achieve an even skin color, soft scrubs and gels will help. To get rid of uneven sunburn it is possible with the help of phototherapy or laser. However, such procedures are quite expensive.

Reduce the effects of ultraviolet lightwill help foods and beverages rich in antioxidants. Under their influence the probability of occurrence of cancers decreases and processes of aging of a skin are slowed down. These include carrots, tomatoes, grapes, pumpkin, fatty fish, green tea.

deprive white spots on the skin

If the problem has occurred in the child

White spots on the skin (on the tan) can ariseand the child. The reason for this can be excessive tanning, the appearance of colored lichen, vitiligo. This phenomenon can arise and as a result of such a child's disease as hypomelanosis, it is rare enough to occur. It is preceded by, as a rule, severe infectious diseases, affecting the nervous system and provoking a delay in the development of the child. Therapy consists of the use of medications and cosmetic procedures.

In addition, white spots on the skin (on the tan) havechildren, as well as adults, may occur if the rules for staying in the sun are not respected. In some cases, this phenomenon may cause uneven distribution of sunscreen on the skin, spots may appear on those areas of the skin where the cosmetic agent was too much.

red skin with white spots


Reduce the harmful and aggressive effects of the sunnot at all difficult. To do this, follow the above recommendations. Adhering to the advice from this article, you can get a beautiful and even tan without unpleasant consequences for the body.