Treatment of sinusitis in the home


Let's talk about how to treat sinusitis inhome conditions. Sinusitis is a serious disease, and it does not pass by itself. If the rhinitis can pass by itself, then the sinusitis requires a long, multifaceted treatment. Treatment should appoint a doctor-otolaryngologist (ENT). And that the treatment was more effective, it is recommended to use the folk methods in addition to the prescribed treatment.

It is recommended to wash the nose with salt solution andsolution of soda. If you still have a blue lamp left from Soviet times, then keep in mind that it is very effective in combating sinusitis. Wear a special protection on your eyes and warm your face in the area of ​​the nose. Patients who have non-chronic chronic forms of the disease should use St. John's wort (infusion of herbs), counting on a glass of boiled water, one teaspoon of dry grass. St. John's wort has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, helps to quickly repair damaged tissue. In addition, medicines for curing sinusitis can be prepared at home by yourself, mixing various herbs. There is an ointment which very well helps or assists at a genyantritis, to prepare it or her it is simple. To do this, take one teaspoon of onion juice (onion), aloe juice, calanchoe juice and cyclamen root juice. The resulting mass is mixed with a teaspoon of "Vishnevsky" ointment. We wind the cotton wool on a match, moisten it in this mixture, insert it into the nostrils and hold it for thirty minutes. The course of treatment is twenty days, after which the sinuses will be completely cleared.

There is also a way with which you cancure genyantritis with traditional medicine - rubbing. Such treatment of sinusitis at home is also very effective. It is necessary to rub the skin with garlic just above the place where it hurts. Next, mix charcoal with the juice of burdock, this mixture is rubbed into the same place and left for thirty minutes. This method will help after several procedures. It is also necessary to wash the nose, for this we take warm water, add a little bit of iodine or potassium permanganate and wash the nasal cavity.

In order to make drops for the nose byfolk recipes, you need to pick up a variety of herbs: chamomile flowers - 10 grams, marshweed - 10 grams and St. John's Wort - 15 grams. Each of the herbs is brewed separately with one glass of boiling water. Then we mix all the infusions, bury five drops in one nostril and five drops in another, three times a day.

How do they treat sinusitis in children?

Now let's talk about how to treat sinusitis inchild. All the above-described folk methods are applicable to children. But do not engage in self-medication with folk remedies, without consulting with lor. Uncontrolled treatment can lead to complications and to the fact that the disease will become chronic. So, before treating the genyantritis in the child yourself, think about the consequences.

The main treatment of sinusitis isphysiotherapy and treatment with antibacterial drugs. How long and which exactly drugs should be taken to the child, the doctor should decide. Usually the course is not more than a week. Also, antipyretic, dehydrating, vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Treatment of sinusitis at home is used in the recovery stage after in-patient treatment. As a rule, if you correctly approach the question and adhere to the recommendations of a doctor, the recovery period in children lasts no longer than 10 days. Treatment of genyantritis at home is certainly necessary, but its effectiveness depends on the severity of the disease. According to the indications, a puncture of the intermaxillary sinus, washing of the nasal passages by the Proetz method and setting of the YAMIK sinus catheter are performed.