Description, diagnosis, treatment and symptoms of bronchitis in adults and children


Bronchitis is a common disease. The initial symptoms of bronchitis in adults (or children) are almost identical - pain and irritation in the upper chest. There are two types of this disease - acute and chronic. Here we will only consider the acute form of the disease.

Symptoms of bronchitis in adults: a description of the disease

Symptoms of bronchitis in adults
The acute form of the disease is often causeda viral infection that penetrates the body due to the body's subcooling or a separate chest. Disease of bronchitis in all cases is accompanied by a aching cough. Treatment of this disease is mainly associated with the elimination of certain symptoms - cough, sore throat, etc.

Often, antibiotics are not able to defeatsymptoms of bronchitis in adults (or children), which are caused by viruses. They are effective for other bronchial diseases. However, there are no antiviral drugs that can eliminate viral forms of bronchitis.

In most cases, the disease is associated withdefeat by viruses of the upper respiratory tract caused by colds, influenza, etc. Less often this disease can be caused by a bacterium called a "pertussis wand".

What are the symptoms of bronchitis in adults or children?

The most basic (in the case of the acute form) are:

  • Disease of bronchitis
    persistent cough for more than 10-20 days;
  • expectoration (but not always) of colorless mucus or a brownish or yellowish hue.

The temperature in bronchitis usually does not rise. However, if it is present, this may be a sign of a disease such as pneumonia. Many confuse the symptoms of bronchitis (in adults and children there may be differences) with the symptoms of any other diseases. For example:

  • chronic cough, which can be very long;
  • pneumonia, but this disease is accompanied by a temperature, rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing;
  • various nasopharyngeal inflammations.

When should I go to a doctor? In general, the symptoms of bronchitis in adults and children disappear with time. However, if you observe one or more of the conditions listed below, it is better to go to a polyclinic or call an ambulance (maybe you have another disease):

  • temperature above 38 degrees;
  • cough lasts more than two weeks and causes severe pain;
  • cough accompanied by weight loss for unknown reason.

Turning to specialists, it will be possible to establish the exact cause of the cough.

Temperature with bronchitis
How to weaken the symptoms of bronchitis in adults (or children)?

As it was said earlier, there are no effective meansto cure this disease. However, the common remedies that you use for colds can help reduce the symptoms of bronchitis in adults (or children).

Remember, antibiotics can only cope withbacteria, against viruses they are ineffective, and more often in general are useless. Many do not know about this and actively continue to use them for viral diseases, in particular bronchitis, hoping that the cough will pass. This, unfortunately, will not happen, unless, of course, your cough is not caused by bacteria.