Healing properties of Chebrets: the main aspects


Healing properties of thyme (thyme creeping)known for a long time. This small herbaceous plant is widespread on calcareous and sandy soils, stony slopes and in the steppes. He has a characteristic thin stalking stems, purple or pink flowers, elongated or rounded leaves. Many people know the healing properties of the thyme, so it is cultivated, propagating vegetatively or seeds.

medicinal properties of thyme

The plant contains a whole range of useful substances. Its pronounced aroma of thyme is due to phenolic compounds, carvacrol and thymol. Because of its small toxicity, the first of them has a good antibacterial effect. The healing properties of thyme are provided by flavonoids, carotene, gum, fats, essential oils, proteins, organic acids (omanol, acetic, apple), vitamins C, B, A, tannins and minerals - calcium, potassium, selenium, iron, manganese, zinc , copper, sodium, phosphorus.

chebrez medicinal properties

Preparations from this plant haveantiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, bronchodilator, expectorant, anthelmintic, weak hypnotic effect. The healing properties of thyme are used to treat muscle and joint rheumatism, bruises, rashes of non-infectious type.

In medicine, it is used on its basis forhealing of pulmonary diseases, bronchitis, infectious inflammation of the intestine. Also, preparations containing thyme, medicinal properties have such that they can effectively combat pertussis and asthma. In addition, thyme, due to its good diaphoretic qualities, is effective in the common cold, cold, flu. Infusion of this plant is used for insomnia and disorders of the nervous system.

Tea made from thyme is a natural stimulant,helping with stress, depression, migraines, neurasthenia. It is effective for the treatment of children suffering from anemia, eliminates the symptoms of flatulence and fermentation in the intestines, helps to normalize digestion after eating fatty and heavy food - these are the medicinal properties of Chebrets. Photos of this herb are given in the article.

chebrez medicinal properties photo

Outwardly thyme is indicated for rheumatism, arthritis. As compresses, lotions, ointments it is used to combat skin ailments. In folk medicine, it is used to cure alcohol dependence, since it has an effect that causes persistent aversion to alcohol. To stimulate the internal energy use the oil of thyme, which is prepared by flooding the grass with a deodorized plant product and insisting a month. The drug is filtered immediately before the procedures. By means of distillation, pure essential oil can be obtained.

Treatment with the use of drugs from thymemust be carried out in compliance with certain precautions. Contraindicated funds based on thyme to people suffering from atrial fibrillation, cardiosclerosis. It can not be used for liver and kidney problems. Decoction and infusion of thyme are prohibited with reduced thyroid function. It is undesirable to use thyme in pregnant women.