Acute and chronic pharyngitis. Treatment for a child


Pharyngitis is an ailment that inflamesmucous membrane of pharynx. More often than not, it appears as a complication after suffering colds. The acute course of the disease is expressed by the fact that the throat starts to ache and hurt, especially when swallowing. Chronic disease is less pronounced. Most often, if there is a pain in the throat, the pharyngitis is caused by viruses. And this means that antibiotic treatment will be completely ineffective. The best option is to consult a doctor who can choose an acceptable treatment option. And besides, if the child is ill, then you should not resort to self-treatment.

pharyngitis treatment in a child

Causes of the disease

Basically pharyngitis, the treatment of a child whosesometimes hampered by its small age, arises from the inhalation of cold air or from contact with air in the body of chemical stimuli. And it can arise as a result of contact with viruses, but still the development of pharyngitis is obtained after incomplete healing of such ailments as angina. Children get sick from the fact that immunity is poorly developed.

Symptoms of pharyngitis

The first symptoms of the disease can beconsider perspiration in the throat, dryness and discomfort. Together with this, the child may feel weak, and the temperature may rise. When swallowing, the baby may complain of pain in the ears. The throat will be red or may even become covered with a white purulent coating. By the way, measles and scarlet fever begin in the same way as on acute pharyngitis. Treatment of the child for all manifestations of the disease should begin immediately. And more: chronic pharyngitis of symptoms can not have at all. Unless the child can slightly cough, as if trying to get rid of a lump in the throat.

chronic pharyngitis symptoms and treatment

Pharyngitis: treatment in a child

No matter how old your child is, treat itneed timely. If the baby does not have severe symptoms, then there is enough local treatment. In this case, the perfect action will have foot baths, warm milk with honey and butter, and also warming up the throat with compresses. If you have diagnosed "acute pharyngitis," treatment in a child should be accompanied not only by external heating, but also by the use of antibiotics. By the way, remember that medicines can only be prescribed by a specialist.

treatment of pharyngitis by laser
In addition, all kinds of sprays have an excellent therapeutic effect, but they should have a broad antimicrobial effect.

Chronic pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment

As already mentioned above, such a course of the diseaseHas no special symptomatology. And the treatment is practically the same as that used for acute pharyngitis. The only rule: all products that your child will take must be warm. In no case should not give the baby hot tea or milk. And also: try to have as few spices and spices as possible in food. They can irritate the throat and bother the child even more. And most importantly - in many clinics today practice the treatment of pharyngitis by laser. This method is completely painless and allows you to achieve a quick and long-term therapeutic effect.