Hamomilla (homeopathy): indications for use, analogues and reviews


Pharmacy chamomile is known for medicinal properties,It is used to relieve cold symptoms, pain sensations of a different nature, with increased excitability. Hamomilla (homeopathy) is used in the treatment of children and women.

Characteristics of medicinal plants

The plant in question has other names - uterine grass or chamomile common, belongs to the family of astroids, has been known for medicinal properties since the time of our ancestors.

Medicinal herb is able to have a soothing, analgesic effect, to fight against viral diseases, to effectively remove a variety of inflammatory processes.

This plant is used in the treatment of newborns, since it is an absolutely natural product, therefore, it harmlessly and positively affects the immature organism.

hamomilla homeopathy

Medicines based on chamomilethe ordinary is made from whole plants, so they preserve its useful properties. Hamomilla (homeopathy) is available in various forms, so that everyone can find the most convenient for them: in granules, rectal candles, ready-made infusions.

Indications for the use of medicinal plants

The drug under consideration has a wide spectrum of action, it is used in the treatment of the following diseases and abnormalities in the work of the organism:

  • viral infections, fever, cough, runny nose, otitis media;
  • neurological problems: increased excitability, sleep disorder;
  • tooth and other types of pain, teething in babies;
  • diseases of the intestinal tract: diarrhea, vomiting, or colic in newborns;
  • ailments of the reproductive system, uterine bleeding, pain in menstruation in women;
  • diaper rash, inflammatory processes also treats hamomilla.

hamomilla homeopathy indications for use

Homeopathy, the indications for use of which are sufficiently diverse, suitable for the treatment of newborn babies, is considered effective in the period of teething and colic.

Pharmacy chamomile for colds

Healing grass is quite common withcatarrhal diseases, it cough, runny nose and otitis. It effectively copes with these manifestations not only in children, but also in adults. For babies and preschool children, the drug in question is prescribed when the following symptoms of a cold are observed:

  • if the cough is dry, irritating, disturbing mainly at night;
  • sneezing, the appearance of liquid mucus, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing;
  • with acute otitis, severe ear pain, sensation of a foreign object in the auricle;
  • feverish conditions in the child, when there is a strong chill and a feeling of icy cold.

Hamomilla (homeopathy) for children issafe, so it can be given for any of the symptoms of a cold. It effectively coughs, relieves irritation in the throat, cleanses the nasal sinuses from the cold, relieves the baby from inflammation in the auricle, relieves fever.

hamomilla homeopathy testimony

Can be used in the form of broths, granules or rectal suppositories, it all depends on what it is more convenient for a baby to give. It is worth remembering that to take any medicine, it is necessary according to the instructions.

Hamomilla: homeopathy with toothache

The drug in question has analgesicsproperties, therefore it is actively used for any manifestations of toothache, especially its effectiveness is noted during teething in infants.

Chamomilla is given in cases where a teething is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • he abruptly wails with a cry and wakes up at night;
  • he sleeps restlessly and turns in his sleep;
  • Bends and strains in the arms of the mother;
  • long time can not calm down, falls asleep only near the parent;
  • Poor sucking of the breast;
  • he has a slimy greenish stool with an admixture of mucus.

In addition, it helps with toothache, whichdoes not require surgical intervention, preschool children and schoolchildren, adults. It is able to remove inflammation and other types of pain, accompanied by irritation and excitation of the nervous system.

hamomilla homeopathy application

Hamomilla (homeopathy): indications for use in diseases of the intestinal tract

Pharmacy chamomile helps with colic in infants due to the fact that suppresses gas formation and calms the raging intestines. It is important to know that it is accepted in the following cases:

  • the kid always asks for his hands, however, this does not help him, the colic continues to bother;
  • the child screams and snorts;
  • demands something to give him, but immediately throws it on the floor;
  • becomes very whimsical and unbearable;
  • one cheek acquires a reddish color, while the other remains pale.

With such signs, the homeopathic remedyit is recommended to give in the form of granules, which can be repelled in a spoon or diluted in water. It is not recommended to give the drug too long, after improvement and reduction of colic, it is necessary to stop taking it.

Chamomile from neurological disorders

The drug in question, as mentioned above,has a sedative effect, so often with neurological diseases it is appointed chamomilla (homeopathy). Indications for use in children should have the following symptoms:

  • toddler irritated, restless;
  • rude and embittered;
  • it is capricious and arranges tantrums;
  • wakes up at night with weeping, has a sensitive sleep during the day or at night;
  • badly falls asleep, constantly is in an excited state.

Chamomilla treats neurological disorders in adults. It helps those who suffer from insomnia, experiencing constant stress at work.

hamomilla homeopathy for children

Hamomilla (homeopathy), the indications of which include the manifestation of all these signs, will help calm the nervous system, improve sleep, relieve tension and irritability.

The power of medicinal plants for women's health

It is not for nothing that this plant is also called uterine grass, because its medicinal properties help to improve the sexual system of a woman. It is recommended to take the medicine in the following cases:

  • uterine bleeding, provoked by complicated birth, abortion;
  • painful menstruation;
  • hysterical conditions accompanied by syncope, convulsions;
  • anger, despair, anguish.

In general, chamomilla (homeopathy) is shown to nervous women, who are distinguished by gloominess and grumpiness, very sensitive to pain leading them to despair.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug

Pharmacy chamomile is a preparation of natural origin, therefore it does not have strict contraindications to the use. Allowed for admission to newborns.

However, it can cause allergic reactions if there is a hypersensitivity to the healing plant. In children, it contributes to the development of rash, hives, itching.

In cases of overdose, the homeopathic remedycan have the opposite effect: overexcite the nervous system, exacerbate pain. Therefore, its reception should be strictly according to the instructions.

If unwanted effects occur, you should contact the doctor and stop taking the medication.

hamomilla homeopathy for children reviews

Reviews of the action of chamomile

Homeopathic remedy is not a panacea forall ailments, can have a positive effect on the body or do not provide the necessary assistance, while practical there is no risk of negative manifestations.

Among the mothers is quite common chamomilla. Homeopathy for children, reviews about which have a positive character, has virtually no contraindications. Many people say that the drug in question is good at the time of teething, with colic, cough, runny nose and otitis. He calms, the baby does not worry, sleeps at night.

However, according to reviews, the drug does not helpall, on some babies it does not have a positive effect, they remain whimsical, they suffer pain and discomfort, in such cases it is better to take a stronger medicine than homeopathic.

hamomilla homeopathy indications for use in children

Analogues of a healing plant

Due to its medicinal properties, chamomile common is close to other medicinal plants, therefore it can be replaced by treating a certain ailment with a similar preparation.

For the treatment of various painful manifestations, the following homeopathic medicines can be used:

  • Bryony and belladonna - with a dry, exhausting cough at night;
  • nuks vom and brionnaya ointment - with sneezing, liquid mucus from the nose;
  • aconite and pulsatilla - with acute otitis.

In the treatment of toothache, chamomilla eruption(homeopathy), the application of which was discussed above, has no analogues. As for neurological disorders, irritability, restless night sleep, it is necessary to take into account the manifested symptoms. For example, pharmacy chamomile is used for rudeness, hysteria, and pulsatilla is recommended for whiny and tender children.

For women's health, except for themedications, it is possible to take belladonna with neurology against the background of severe pain, colitis to relieve painful menstruation, sabina with uterine bleeding.

Thus, chamomilecharacterized by a wide range of effects, treats many diseases that occur in children and women. Especially useful is hamomilla (homeopathy) for infants, reviews confirm its high efficiency during teething and colic.