The preparation "Kipferon". Instructions for use


The drug "Kipferon" is quite fastimpact on the body. As the patients note, the result is visible almost immediately. When the drug is used in children, the condition stabilizes quickly enough - the fever is normalized, the symptoms of the disease are alleviated. The undoubted advantage of the remedy is the absence of a negative effect on the stomach, since the suppositories are intended for rectal or vaginal administration.

The preparation "Kipferon" (suppositories) describes the use of the combination as a combination of a complex immunoglobulin preparation (CIP) and human interferon.

The drug has antichlamydia,antibacterial, antiviral activity of pronounced character. The drug "Kipferon" also has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties. When using the medication, there is an increase in local and general resistance of the organism, activation of protective mechanisms in the areas of penetration of pathogenic microbes. The use of suppositories "Kipferon" significantly reduces the manifestations of microbial and viral intoxication.

With erosions in the cervix, the medication providesstimulation of reparative (regenerative) processes in tissues. The "Kipferon" medication (the instructions for use testifies to this) prevents the progression of dysbiosis, the excessive growth of opportunistic bacteria against the background of diseases.

It should be noted that the side effects (fever, influenza-like state, temperature increase) arising from rectal administration are absent when suppositories are administered vaginally.

Medicinal preparation "Kipferon". Instructions for use. Purpose, dosage

The drug is indicated during treatmentrespiratory diseases of an acute nature, inflammatory pathologies in the oropharynx of viral or bacterial nature, acute bacterial (coli infections, dysentery, salmonellosis) and viral (rotavirus) infections of the intestine.

In gynecology, the Kipferonapplication recommends the use of urogenital chlamydia in women (with signs of dysbacteriosis of the vagina, including), erosion or cervicitis in the cervix, vulvovaginitis.

The drug is prescribed in pediatrics for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis in children of different natures.

The medication is used in conjunction with traditional specific therapy.

In the pathology of the oropharyngeal inflammatorynature of the viral and bacterial nature, respiratory diseases of the acute course, rotavirus (viral) and bacterial intestinal infections in children recommend one to three suppositories per day according to the age of the patient. So, in the first year of life, prescribe once per suppository per day, up to three years - by suppository twice a day, after three years - three times a day by suppository. Continue therapy with the drug "Kipferon" instruction for use recommends five to seven days. For patients with tonsillitis, complicated by a pronounced purulent process, the treatment is extended to seven to eight days.

With urogenital chlamydia in women, the introductionCandles "Kipferon" is carried deep into the vagina until it comes into contact with the cervix and the posterior arch. Depending on the severity of the pathology, prescribe 1-2 suppositories twice a day. Duration of application - up to ten days. With erosion of the cervix, the drug is used prior to epithelialization. Depending on the condition, re-treatment may be prescribed if necessary.

The drug "Kipferon" during pregnancy and lactation is allowed to use on the recommendation of a doctor.

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