Why is there a delay in menstruation?


Monthly menstruation is due to naturalcauses, and although they cause some discomfort, but their sudden termination causes quite understandable alarm. Monthly are a kind of indicator that everything is in order with the body, and there are no dangerous and unexpected changes.

With a planned pregnancy, not eventhe question arises as to why there is a delay in menstruation, pregnancy is more than sufficient reason. In all other cases, there is a cause for concern in the absence of menstruation, and it is quite heavy. Violations of the menstrual cycle indicate that something is going on in the body, and maybe even some health problems have appeared. Can there be a delay in men without pregnancy? Alas, maybe, and reasons for that is enough.

Quite often a delay is observed, eitherotherwise associated with pregnancy. For example, after an abortion or after childbirth, the cycle is not restored immediately, there are physical reasons for this. After all, the previous hormonal background resumes, the condition of the internal organs is restored.

Age-related menopause is also not a problem. Why is there a delay in men of seventy? Because the reproductive organs resign their powers and also "retire".

Extensive list of gynecological diseases, withwhich are often marked by irregular menstruation, this is a more serious problem. Often, women come to the doctor who want to find out why the menstrual period has been delayed for 5 days, because a possible pregnancy, in the first place, falls under suspicion. However, a thorough medical examination can reveal more serious causes - from polycystic ovaries to oncological diseases.

A change in the hormonal background or the effect of a serieschemical drugs can also lead to violations of the menstrual cycle. After all, why is there a delay in menstruation, if the balance of hormones in the body changes? Reproductive system of the female body is largely based on hormones, and if in this area a sudden malfunction is suddenly indicated, the body receives a signal: something happened. It is the hormones that influence the phenomenon of stress amenorrhea. Usually this disease occurs in wartime or in a severe series of various psychological events. Women can begin long delays, and then completely stop the menstruation. The stress hormone tries to prevent the possibility of pregnancy precisely because something unfavorable for the child's development is created around him, therefore, the birth of a new life can wait. And if the hormonal background changes as a result of taking medications, then the monthly delay is even more logical.

Inadequate or overweight sometimes alsocan cause the question of why there is a delay in menstruation. The main reason is all the same mysterious mechanism inside the woman who tries to conceive, pregnancy and childbirth at the most successful time for the body. A critical lack of weight automatically means problems with pregnancy, and the reproductive system receives an unambiguous signal: it is not yet worthwhile to have a child. Excess weight brings quite serious health problems, with breathing and pressure, and again the wise nature tries to prevent pregnancy. These are rather conditional explanations, however logical. Acclimatization, treatment, any deviations in the state of health can affect the work of the reproductive system of the body, and violations of the menstrual cycle can be considered a confirmation of this phenomenon.

With a monthly delay of more than five daysIt is worth to visit your gynecologist for examination and examination. As you know, the earlier the diagnosis is established, the more likely a quick cure. Be attentive to your health!