What is Trichopol?


Trichopol is a medicinal product thatfinds its application in many diseases. In addition to the known treatment of the simplest, this drug is prescribed for diseases of venereal infections. But in many cases, it is used, in the treatment of alcoholism, the drug causes greater sensitivity to the use of alcohol.

When buying this medicine, inside the packthere is a leaflet with the name Trichopolum instructions for use, but in this information, for the common man, much will not be clear, the description of the drug in the medical language. That's why, many times without understanding, many patients remain at the opinion, that Trichopolum is used only for treatment of venereal diseases and a trichomoniasis. But this drug has quite a lot of applications, you can start with the treatment of the oral cavity, from the appearance of bacteria that subsequently cause caries, and finish on treatment for peptic ulcer that is in the duodenum. Of course, you can not start using this medication yourself, it is always necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the exact amount of the drug and the duration of the treatment.

You should remember some rules foruse of this medicine. Indications for use: the course of application should not exceed ten days; you can not take alcohol; this medicine is not used in the use of antibiotics; the best option for its use is after eating, squeezed with a copious amount of liquid, and preferably milk; if there are some side effects, you should stop taking this medication, and be sure to seek help from your doctor; also do not take the drug in the first three months of pregnancy.

For the treatment of vaginal diseases, such asvaginosis and trichomoniasis, candles are used. For all other diseases tablets are meant, but in many cases this kind of medicine is prescribed for sexually transmitted diseases. Trichopol should be taken with great care, because the wrong treatment with this drug, can lead to addiction. In the aftermath this drug will only favorably act on the development of parasitic microbes, and be for them as a nutrient.

The mechanism of action of this drug isThe fact that it interacts with some bacteria acquires a small amount of proteins and at the expense of this it acquires its strength. After this interaction, the trichopol begins its activity with the DNA of cells, eliminating some biochemical processes, and thereby causing the destruction of infectious agents. This drug is perfectly absorbed when taken, has a good penetration into all organs and tissues, cerebrospinal fluid, bile, seminal fluid, breast milk, saliva, the secret of the vagina. The withdrawal of this drug occurs from 24 hours to two days, through the kidneys and in small amounts through the intestine.

In the treatment of Trichomoniasis, the drug is necessarytake twice a day for one tablet. But do not forget that with this disease you need to buy candles, and insert them into the vagina, before bed. It is necessary to continue treatment of this disease within ten days. The most important moment in this disease, both partners should take medications, at the same time. there is another disease that is best treated with this medication is amoebiasis. In this case, the disease, it is necessary to take trichopolum twice a day for half a tablet, for seven days. But it is always worth remembering that both partners must necessarily participate in treatment, and at that time they should lead a healthy lifestyle.

In many cases, when a doctor prescribes a drugTrichopolum patients are a little frightened. But it is worth remembering that in this preparation there is nothing frightening. The use of this medication is quite widespread.