Means "Fljuditik" (for children). Instructions for use


Syrup for children "Fluditik" instructioncharacterizes as a mucolytic (expectorant) remedy. The active component of the drug is carbocysteine. The drug helps to stabilize the ratio of (quantitative) neutral and acidic sialomucins in a bronchial secretion. Restoring the elasticity and viscosity of mucus, the drug facilitates its elimination, promotes the activation of regeneration in the mucosa, normalizing its structure, potentiates the functioning of the ciliary epithelium, increasing mucolitic clearance.

The drug "Fljuditek" (for children). Instructions. Indications

syrup for children fluditik instructions

The medication is prescribed for bronchopulmonarypathologies of chronic and acute type, which are complicated by the formation of hard to separate, viscous sputum. Such diseases include, in particular, bronchiectasis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, tracheobronchitis, bronchitis. The drug "Flüditik" (for children) recommends the instruction for pathologies in the nasal cavity of acute or chronic type, as well as diseases of the nasopharynx, middle ear, paranasal sinuses with difficult to separate and viscous mucus. To diseases carry, in particular, otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis. The medication is recommended for bronchoscopy or bronchoscopy.


fluditik for children reviews

Drug "Fljuditik" for children (reviewsspecialists are unambiguous in this) is not prescribed for hypersensitivity to components. Contraindications include cystitis, age to two years, chronic glomerulonephritis in the acute stage. It is not recommended for ulcer, pregnancy and feeding.

Means "Fljuditik" (for children). Instructions for use

The duration of therapy should not be longereight or ten days without consulting a doctor. Syrup 20 mg / ml is recommended in a dose of 1 tsp. per day twice. A day does not give more than 200 mg, for patients from five years the dosage is the same, the frequency of reception is three times a day. The drug "Fluiditek" (50 mg / ml) is recommended for patients with fifteen years of 1 tbsp. l. on the day of 3 r. The drug is preferably taken after a meal two hours later or before her in an hour.

Side effects

In some cases on the basis of treatment there isallergic reaction, gastric bleeding, flatulence, diarrhea, epigastric pain, nausea. The drug can provoke malaise, dizziness, exanthema.

fluditik for children instruction

The drug "Fljuditek" (for children). Instructions. additional information

In case of an overdoseeffects. When poisoning recommended symptomatic therapy. When combined, the drug potentiates the activity of antibacterial and glucocorticosteroid agents in the inflammatory pathologies of the respiratory system. The drug "Fljuditik" for children (the instruction confirms this) with simultaneous admission increases the bronchodilator effect of the drug "Theophylline". Atropine-like and antitussive medicines lower the activity of the active ingredient-carbocysteine. Care should be taken when prescribing a drug against the background of diabetes mellitus.