Medicinal herb immortelle: medicinal properties and contraindications


Today, as in the old days, faced with eitherother ailment, we are willing to use medicinal herbs. Immortelle - one of the representatives of the "green pharmacy", successfully used in phytotherapy with many diseases.

immortelle medicinal properties and contraindications
The plant has this "life-affirming" namebecause the cut flowers do not wilt and do not change their color for a long time. In sunny glades and clearings, in sunlit pine forests on sandy soils of the European part of Russia, Siberia, in the Caucasus, you can find an immortelle sandy. Its healing properties are not lost within three years from the time of collection and preparation of dry raw materials. In the same places where the immortelle grows, you can see similar to it brushes of "cat's legs" with white or pink baskets-inflorescences. These flowers do not possess healing power and are not suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Sandy immortelle: medicinal properties and contraindications

The straight stem of the plant branches out at the top,fluffy silver shade of broomsticks, tiny tubular flowers of yellow color collected in baskets. They are used for cooking medicinal broths and tinctures. Collect the raw material at the beginning of flowering, before the side baskets are opened in a panicle, dried in shaded, well-ventilated rooms.

What chemicals doesimmortelle? Therapeutic properties and contraindications to the use are explained by the presence in the plant of flavonoids, essential oils, saponins, potassium, iron, calcium, sodium salts. Resin acids, present in the plant, provide its high antibacterial properties.

immortelle sand healing properties

In inflammatory diseases of bile excretoryAn immortelle becomes an irreplaceable healer. Therapeutic properties and contraindications are due to the fact that the plant helps to thin the bile, its outflow from the gallbladder. The therapeutic effect is expressed in changes in the composition of bile, cessation of pain, nausea and vomiting, and a decrease in the cholesterol content in the blood. However, it should be remembered that the choleretic properties of the immortelle can harm the intestines, if a person suffers from diarrhea. It is undesirable to use drugs created on the basis of this plant, with peptic ulcers of the stomach, duodenum, they are prohibited in acute hepatitis.

Fans of traditional medicine recommend using drugs from immortelle in diseases of the genitourinary system, atherosclerosis, hypertension, ailments caused by a metabolic disorder.

Methods of preparation of medicinal preparations from the immortelle

Prepare a decoction of healing inflorescences is simple: you must pour a glass of water a tablespoon "with a hill" of dried flowers and heat the mixture for half an hour in a water bath, stirring. Chilled broth should be filtered and bring its volume to exactly 200 ml, adding a little boiled water. Drink remedy is recommended fifteen minutes before eating a tablespoon three times a day.

medicinal herbs immortelle

You can get a tincture from the immortelle ifa tablespoon of dried flowers soak in a glass of vodka or fifty percent alcohol. The mixture is insisted for two weeks in a dark place, from time to time shaking the container with tincture. The finished product must be filtered and drunk on a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before a meal.

There are cases when banish worms very mucheffectively helped immortelle. Therapeutic properties and contraindications to the use of extracts and decoctions from this wonderful plant depend on the intensity and nature of the disease and the individual tolerability of certain chemicals, so before using drugs from the immortelle, sand is superfluous to consult a doctor.