Wormwood. Therapeutic properties of the plant


Useful properties of wormwood are bitter causedchemical composition of the plant. It contains alkaloids, ascorbic, succinic and malic acids, capillin, glycosides, carotene, flavonoids, tannins and toxic essential oil. Has grass and phytoncidal activity.

wormwood medicinal properties
Wormwood. Therapeutic properties in joint diseases

With arthritis, arthrosis, and also with fatigue of the feetand bruises bath infusion is used. To make it, you need 50 grams of wormwood pour boiling water (2 liters) and leave for half an hour. Then it is necessary to pour the infusion together with the leaves into a basin or a bucket, add still warm water there. Immerse your feet in a container for 5-10 minutes. Periodically pour hot water. With rheumatoid pains, neuralgia, compresses with wormwood help well. For their preparation, a fresh plant must be scrolled through a meat grinder, and the dried one should be soaked with boiling water. Turn the resulting gruel into a thin cloth and fix it on the sore spot with a bandage. Keep the compress around half an hour.

Wormwood. Therapeutic properties in the absence of appetite, loss of strength

With these symptoms, patients are solderedspecially prepared tea. Their effect is due to the presence in the plant of aromatic bitterness, which can arouse appetite. With the help of these teas during the war, even such patients were raised, who because of the decline of their strength did not eat anything. Prepared appetizing teas as follows. Connect wormwood with leaves or yarrow (4: 1), or trifoli and grass of a thousand square milliliters (7: 7: 6). A large spoon of one of these mixtures was brewed with boiling water (1/5 L), about 20 minutes insisted and after filtering was given to the patient on a tablespoon shortly before eating.

useful properties of wormwood wormwood
The same tea can also be given to children who have problems with appetite, only a glass of boiling water should take a teaspoon of the mixture.

Wormwood. Therapeutic properties for external application

With toothache, outgoing from the mouth of an unpleasantodor, with inflammation and bleeding gums can be prepared the following remedy. Fresh grass wormwood finely chop and insist on alcohol (70%) in a ratio of 1: 5. Tincture should be diluted with water and rinse with mouth. Wormwood bitter effectively removes oily seborrhea. It is necessary only to show patience. So, dry grass wormwood in a ratio of 1:10 brewed with boiling water and left for two hours. Then filtered through the infusion in a day, wash the head. It is necessary to conduct 15 such procedures. If necessary, you can repeat the course in half a month.

than wormwood bitter is useful
Wormwood. Healing properties in helminthic invasions

To fight with ascarids and pinworms doenemas, infusion for which is prepared from bitter wormwood, inflorescences of tansy and chamomile, taken evenly. Two large spoons of the mixture should be poured ¼ liter of boiling water, cool and strain. Enter the infusion should be in a warm form and hold for at least 5 minutes. The procedure should be done every other day and continue until the itch disappears completely.

Contraindications for use

For the treatment to be safe, one should not knowonly what is useful bitter wormwood, but also why it is harmful. This plant is categorically contraindicated in pregnancy. Also it is not recommended to use it for anemia, colitis and enterocolitis. It is also dangerous to use excessive wormwood. Overdosing threatens with such consequences as convulsions, hallucinations, dizziness and convulsions.