Sumamed for a child or adult


The modern market of pharmaceuticals providesa fairly wide range of products. Therefore, today, parents rarely have a question about how to treat the flu in a child, for example, or about what antibiotic is better. Preparations of the last generations have a minimum of side effects. In a number of cases, of course, you can do without medication. For example, not a morning cough in a child, and the one that happens at other times of the day does not always have to cause particular concern. However, no one is immune from penetration into the body of certain infections. Among the popular antibiotics, specialists pay attention to the drug "Sumamed". The drug is produced in tablet form, as well as in the form of powder for the preparation of suspension and capsules.

morning cough in a child


The drug Sumamed is quite differentextensive antimicrobial effect. The drug shows activity against a number of gram-negative and gram-positive, as well as anaerobic bacteria. When used internally, the drug is absorbed fairly well and is distributed fairly quickly over the body. The drug penetrates into cells, including migrating into inflammatory foci. Twelve to seventy-two hours on these sites a high therapeutic concentration of the drug is formed. The medication is slowly removed from the tissues. All these properties provide the opportunity to take the device once and for a short period (three days), which replaces the seven-ten-day course.

than treating the flu in a child


Sumamed for a child or adultis prescribed for infections in the respiratory system. Pathologies include sinusitis, otitis media (middle), tonsillitis, bacterial pharyngitis. The drug is prescribed for exacerbation of bronchitis in the chronic stage, alveolar and interstitial pneumonia. The indications include secondary pyodermatosis, impetigo, erysipelas, the initial stage of Lyme syndrome-migratory erythema of chronic course and other skin lesions. Assign medication for cervicitis, urethritis, other sexual infections. A drug is recommended for pathologies in the duodenum and stomach.


sumamed for a child

The Sumamed tool for a child or adult is notis prescribed for hypersensitivity, disorders of renal or hepatic function. Caution should be exercised during use during pregnancy or lactation.

Mode of application

The drug is recommended to take inside. Medicament Sumamed for a child from six months is prescribed as a suspension. The dosage is calculated according to the weight of the patient. The dose for the entire course is thirty milligrams per kilogram. Duration of application - three days. Adults recommend 0.5 g once a day for three days. The amount of the drug per course is 1.5 grams. The exact dosage and duration of use is determined by the specialist in accordance with the nature of the pathology.

special instructions

The abstract contains information on the method of preparation of the suspension "Sumamed" for a child. Before using, you need to visit a doctor. Do not self-medicate.