How to remove the gap between the teeth (diastema)?


The gap between the teeth (diastema) is prettyA common problem that worries a large number of people. Because of its presence, many can not smile as they want it - they are embarrassed by this pathology. In addition, the gap between the teeth contributes to the fact that caries develops at an accelerated pace. Although many holders of the gap between teeth, the presence of this scab is very much like.

Causes that lead to a diastema


  • Milk teeth too late were replaced by indigenous teeth;
  • presence of hereditary factors;
  • loss (removal) of one or more teeth;
  • a child's habit of gnawing pencils or nails;
  • the bridle of the upper lip is attached too low;
  • non-standard shapes and sizes of lateral incisors;
  • an unsatisfactory condition of periodontium.

How to eliminate gaps between teeth

If you have exactly decided that you want to get rid of the diastema, then you need to go to the dentist. He will be able to identify the cause of her education and, accordingly, make a decision about treatment.

In most cases, the gap between the teeth is formedas a result of their displacement, which, as a rule, occurs after removal of the tooth. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to resort to partial prosthetics.

gaps between teeth

If the cause of the discrepancy of the dentition is a bad condition of the gums, then you will have to splint the teeth and strengthen the periodontium with the help of special procedures.

The best and most gentle method of treatmentDiastema is the application of a cap or braces that are attached to the teeth and help them to gradually move towards each other. The time of their wearing depends on the size of the cleft - the more it is, the longer the treatment will be. This process is more effective in childhood.

Another method of eliminating the gap between the teeth -build-up of their tissues. For this, a special filling material is used. The dentist selects its color and conducts a small restoration of the teeth by filling the gap between the teeth, i.e., removes the gap.

There is also a so-called cosmeticelimination of this problem - the use of veneers. Veneers are plates that are attached to the teeth from the outside, thus blocking the gap between the teeth. The undoubted advantage of these pads is that they hide not only the diastema, but also a dark plaque on the teeth. The dentist tries to choose the color of the lining, which will be as close as possible to the color of the patient's own teeth. Veneers are fastened with a special solution used in dental practice. But against the background of many positive moments of their application there are also negative ones. For example, in order to attach veneers, you have to make the enamel grinding by 0.5 mm, which badly affects the condition of the teeth.

gap between teeth

In the event that the gap between the teeth arose due tolow-affixed frenulum of the upper lip, the only option for getting rid of the diastema is surgical intervention. During the operation, the length of the frenum will be adjusted.