"Lipetsk" is a sanatorium. Sanatorium "Dream", Lipetsk. Sanatorium "Voskhod", Lipetsk


The pace of modern life does not give us the opportunitystop and think about your health. Yes, there to say - we go to the doctor only when there is no strength to endure the pain or discomfort. But we are waiting for holidays with impatience, to go on vacation with the whole family or alone. However, it is possible to combine a pleasant pastime with the recovery of the body. For this, it is only necessary to purchase a ticket to a sanatorium for the duration of the holiday. It will not prevent such rest and the child, especially if he has health problems.

There are many sanatoriums and sanatoriums in manycities of Russia. Not an exception and Lipetsk. The sanatorium here may not be easy to choose. Here it is necessary to study in detail information on possible options. And now we will give it to you.


Sanatorium, which has the same name as the city, is cozylocated on the bank of the river Voronezh. It is surrounded by the greenery of the Lower Park. Getting here, instantly forget that you are in the center of the city - so here it is quiet and calm. The administration of the establishment assures its guests that they are waiting for comfortable rooms, modern equipment, helpful staff and a lot of entertainment.

Lipetsk health resort

"Lipetsk" is a sanatorium that offers bothinpatient and outpatient treatment. They use mineral waters, which, according to legend, were discovered by Peter the Great in the XVIII century, as well as therapeutic mud, physiotherapy procedures, and, of course, medicines. This institution specializes in diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular systems, digestive tract, gynecological ailments, as well as problems associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Procedures and Services

In this sanatorium you will be consultedqualified specialists - oculist, cardiologist, surgeon, urologist, neuropathologist, ENT. The guests are offered oxygen cocktails, there is an opportunity to work out in the gym. There is a swimming pool, a gym, sports grounds and a sauna, aerobics classes are organized.

Among the available types of treatment can be identifiedsuch as apparatus physiotherapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy and inhalation. Also available diet therapy, exercise therapy, mechanotherapy, health path, reflexology, halotherapy, etc.


Especially for the treatment and rehabilitation of childrensanatorium "Dream" was created. Lipetsk is located from it at a distance of 21 km. The boarding house is located in the suburbs, in a picturesque forest zone. "Dream" refers to the most well-equipped and large children's sanatoria in Russia. He takes young guests throughout the year. And that the baby, who came here to rest and improve his health, did not fall behind the school curriculum, the secondary school (9 classes) functions here.

health resort dream Lipetsk

The sanatorium will be happy to accept children from three years of age andkids with parents. It is designed for 350 seats. Children are accommodated in double and triple rooms. A full five meals is organized. This sanatorium in Lipetsk specializes in the treatment of diseases of cardiological, orthopedic, broncho-pulmonary, neurological. The main factors contributing to recovery are mineral waters and climate. The following treatment methods are used here:

- Aeroionization;

- Magnetotherapy;

- Halotherapy;

- aromatherapy;

- inhalation;

- treatment with oxygen;

- Hydrotherapy;

- phototherapy;

- Laser therapy;

- piloidoterapiya (paraffin treatment and various types of mud treatment);

- Thermotherapy, etc.

The gym, in which exercise LFK,equipped with modern simulators. Massages and kinesitherapy are offered. To ensure that the child is not bored in their free time from studies and procedures, there are sports grounds, a game room, a library and a video salon.


health resort in Lipetsk

Another institution that specializes intreatment of children - sanatorium "Sunrise". Lipetsk stands on the Voronezh River, on its shore and built this boarding house in the park area of ​​the city. We are always happy to meet children of school age who will be accommodated in cozy 2- and 4-bed rooms without parents. And if your kid already has three years, but still not seven, then you can come here with him. Meals are organized six times a day.

Basically, children with arthritis andother rheumatological diseases. Also due attention is paid to such ailments as flat feet, stress arthropathy, juvenile fibromyalgia and Schlätter's disease. Children with digestive problems also come here.

If necessary, small patients will receiveconsultation of a psychotherapist, dentist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist and other specialists. For recovery, procedures such as mud therapy, exercise therapy and other exercises based on active movement, apparatus physiotherapy, balneotherapy are used.

sanatorium sunrise Lipetsk


The distance of 50 meters separates from Matyrskyreservoir sanatorium "Parus". Lipetsk is twenty kilometers away from it. Around the dispensary is a pine forest, which provides a special atmosphere on its territory. At the same time in the sanatorium can be up to 150 people, the institution operates year-round.

For tourists it is provided four times a daydietary food. The room can be chosen according to your taste - one-, two- or three-room, designed for one, two or three people. People come here to get rid of problems with respiratory organs, digestion, from diseases of the circulatory system and musculoskeletal. General therapeutic illnesses are also successfully treated in this sanatorium.

health resort sail lipetsk

The therapeutic base of the sanatorium is based on local mineral waters and therapeutic peat mud. Climatotherapy, music therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, diet therapy, etc. are conducted in the dispensary.


As we have already seen, severalinstitutions, suitable for health improvement of children and adults, the city of Lipetsk. Sanatorium should be chosen based on the state of health (note which diseases each of them specializes in). The prices in all of the dispensaries are approximately the same and depend on the comfort of the room that you choose for living. One day in a sanatorium will cost 1300-2700 rubles. Of course, children's tours are slightly cheaper than adults. It should also be noted that living in those sanatoria that are located on the territory of the city is slightly more expensive than in those located in the suburbs. However, here it is possible to simply go through a course of treatment, without staying at night and not claiming food. In this case, the recovery will cost you about 600-700 rubles per day.