A powerful tool for the treatment of hemorrhoids


The most effective plant for the treatment of hemorrhoids is the mullein, which is used both externally and internally in the form of

- lotion on the inflamed place;

- the composition for taking sedentary baths;

- alcohol and water infusions;

- broths and teas.

Mullein from hemorrhoids thanks to the rich composition of the grass. It contains tannins, flavonoids, gum, mucus, essential oils, coumarin, carotene, saponins, various organic acids, vitamin C, iridoids, tannins and alkaloids.

A concerted action of this composition

helps to stop bleeding;

- normalizes the work of the digestive tract;

- facilitates the process of passing stool;

- Softens the pain syndrome;

- promotes the disappearance of hemorrhoids;

- relieves edema.

The collection of mullein occurs during the flowering period. It is the inflorescences of the plant that contain the main components that help to get rid of the disease and alleviate its symptoms. Therapeutic composition of dried flowers is better to buy in a pharmacy.

Decoction from hemorrhoids

For cooking you need a tablespoon drymix and a glass of cold water. Boil the broth for about 10 minutes. Drink it should be instead of tea, without letting the broth cool down. For convenience, it can be filtered before use.

Infusion of hemorrhoids

For cooking, you need to cook a tablespoonMullein with a glass of boiling water. Received infusion heat wrap or pour into a thermos. After one hour, the medicine is ready for use. Drink after a third of the glass, after eating.

Means for sitting baths

It is prepared from the mixture taken in equal proportionsroots and flowers of the plant. For each glass of the dry mixture is 5 liters of water. Composition is brought to a boil. When the temperature becomes warm, pour water into the pelvis and take a sedentary bath.

Oil infusion

In transparent glassware pour threetablespoons of flowers and pour 100 gr. vegetable oil. Tare tightly close and leave in the sun for 25 days. Once a day the vessel must be shaken. Ready infusion effectively heals hemorrhoids, which need to be lubricated several times a day

Home rectal candles

Collect from chamomile, mullein and linseed flowers, taken on one tablespoon stir with 100 gr. oil, which must be softened before this.

Composition to warm in a water bath, on very low heat for one hour, then wrap and leave until it gets a room temperature.

Then again, gently warm the mixture and strain. In the process of solidification from the plastic mass, candles are formed.

Apply them at night by inserting into the rectum, after enema or taking a mild laxative.

The listed means are effective at complexapplication. They complement each other. However, it is not recommended to use everything at once. You need to start gradually, introducing in the process of treatment two recipes per week, in order to be convinced of the absence of an allergic reaction.