Lime flowers - application for treatment


The use of lime flowers is known to every person,taking care of his health. Everyone knows that tea with lime blossom is one of the best, and even the most pleasant in the use of funds for colds. On this useful properties do not end. In addition to all known tea, you can use infusion or decoction, for which dried lime flowers are taken. Indications for the use of these drugs have a fairly impressive list.

linden flowers application

For therapeutic purposes, a soothing,diaphoretic and antipyretic properties of lime-colored products, as well as choleretic and diuretic, analgesic, antimicrobial, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. This is a wonderful tool - linden flowers, the application of which is not limited to the internal.

Infusion has a positive effect whenrinses from throat, throat and nasopharyngeal diseases, and also extrinsic use is used for ulcers, burns and other skin diseases, rheumatism and inflamed hemorrhoids. It is effective to use infusion of lime flowers as a cosmetic product - it is used as a face lotion to preserve the elasticity of the skin.

In addition to all of the above, infusion of lime flowers are used in complex therapy for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

linden flowers indications for use

Cooking infusion

One of the forms of means in whichflowers linden, the application of which is so extensive - infusion. With different methods of use, its concentration may vary. The classic recipe contains 3 tablespoons of flowers and a glass of water (boiling water). To prepare the infusion it is necessary to pour the specified amount of raw material with boiling water and place on a water bath for 15 minutes. After this, cool and drain. Infusion of lime color is ready for use. Most often, the required dosage of intake is 1-2 glasses of infusion at least 2 times a day. The number and frequency of reception may vary depending on the destination.

Cooking Broth

If you need to prepare a decoction, then itsrecipe: chopped linden flowers in an amount of 3-4 tablespoons pour 400 ml of water, boil over a fire for 10 minutes and strain. The remedy is ready! Please note that if you use infusion, you will save more useful properties of lime color.

use of linden flowers

We prepare linden flowers

The use of various means implies thatyou pre-prepared raw materials. Of course, it can be bought ready-made, but, due to its availability, there is nothing to prevent the lime flowers from gathering and drying themselves. Especially, as experts say, it is the self-harvested linden flowers that have the most vivid scent. The collection of this wonderful medicine is given very little time - the linden blossoms annually for no more than two weeks. It is difficult to name the exact date of collection, approximately - in June, and when exactly, it depends on very many factors: the amount of sun, humidity and other. The best moment for collecting lime flowers, the application of which will be possible for a long time, during the cold seasons - at the time when the active flowering has already started, but on some branches buds are still observed. It is not recommended to collect them during the rain - so you will be harder to dry them. It is better to choose the weather not very hot, but warm (with a temperature not higher than 25 degrees), time of day - morning or day, ie, when the linden has the greatest amount of nectar.

Collected flowers for storage must be dried. To do this, spread them with a uniform layer on any surface in a place protected from the sun and excessive moisture. Do not forget to cover them with gauze or another light cloth to protect them from dust and insects.

To store dried raw materials, you can use containers or utensils made of wood, fabric or paper, avoid storage in plastic utensils.