Cheap analogue of "Phosphalugel". List of analogues of "Phosphalugel"


Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract today, toUnfortunately, not a rarity. Perhaps, nowadays there is no such person who would not feel discomfort in the abdomen. And such a phenomenon, of course, is not the norm, but the fact remains: every second suffers from gastritis, acidity, bloating, heartburn and other disorders of the digestive system.

Along with a numerous list of diseasesthere is also a mass of medical preparations, whose action is aimed at normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract. To this also means "Fosfalugel". Analogues, synonyms, methods of reception, as well as possible side effects and, of course, the testimony will be discussed in this article.

phosphologel analogue

"Fosfalugel" preparation: basic information

This gel is a balancedsubstance, which includes aluminum phosphate as an active substance, as well as pectin, agar-agar and sorbitol. The drug is able to neutralize the acidity of the stomach, as well as envelop its walls and adsorb various origins of toxins. The main feature of the drug is that it does not interfere with the electrolyte balance of the body and does not promote the formation of stones in the urinary system. Not every analogue of "Fosfalugel" can boast the same indicators.

Indications and the scheme of reception

The drug can be used both in a complex and in the form of monotherapy, quite often it is used as an ambulance for gastrointestinal disorders.

The doctor may prescribe this medication at the following indications:

  • peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • gastritis of acute and chronic course with normal and increased secretion;
  • diaphragmatic hernia;
  • non-ulcer dyspepsia;
  • functional diarrhea;
  • reflux duodenal-gastral type;
  • flatulence;
  • heartburn.

The course of treatment is usually determinedindividually. An adult doctor can prescribe to drink 1-2 packs of gel up to three times a day. Children are recommended not to give ¼ of a sachet at a time three times a day.

phosphalogel analogues

Contraindications and side effects

The medication is not assigned to individuals with an individualintolerance of the components included in it - so says the instructions for use attached to the preparation "Phosphalugel". Analogues of the drug in case of allergies should also be selected taking into account the constituents of the medicine.

The drug is not prescribed for people with diabetes. Also, it is not recommended to drink this medicine during the period of gestation and breastfeeding.

Drug analogues

How to choose the right analogue of "Phosphalugel"? At once it is necessary to tell, that system replacements which have the same spectrum of action not too much, and to pick up a medicine with other structure difficultly enough. Therefore, when choosing a substitute, it is necessary first of all to start from the symptoms of the disease. So, for example, the analogue of "Phosphalugel" - chewing tablets called "Maalox". It is also a suspension of "Almagel" and "Alfagel", neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. The drug "Enterol" will remove harmful toxins from the body, and the tablets and suspension "Motilium" will help with nausea and vomiting, the medication "Pepsan" will relieve spasms, reduce colic, and the enveloping and acid neutralizing effect will remove the feeling of discomfort in the abdomen.

How to choose a substitute for a child, if the doctorappointed a medicine "Fosfalugel"? An analogue for children should be selected very carefully and, naturally, by symptoms. So, for example, the drug "Plantex" will help the child's body to cope with increased gas production in the intestines, colic and remove spasms. If it is necessary to remove toxins from the body, it is better to give preference to simple sorbents, such as Enterosgel.

Let us consider in more detail some of the listed drugs that can act as an analogue of "Phosphalugel".

"Maalox" preparation: instruction

fosfalyugel instruction on the use of analogues

I must say that not everyone will like itmeans "Fosfalugel". Analog in tablets, the medicine "Maalox", in this case will be very useful. This drug is similar in composition and action. As the active ingredient are magnesium hydroxide and aluminum, which are not absorbed into the blood through the stomach, but only envelop its walls, neutralize the acid and adsorb toxic substances.

You can take this medicine for people who have reached the age of fifteen. The doctor can prescribe this medicine for heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The drug is used for severe symptoms of the disease as an ambulance for 1-2 tablets every hour and a half, but not more than 12 tablets a day.

The preparation "Almagel": instruction


The most similar analog of the action"Fosfalugel" - a suspension of "Almagel". Its active component is also aluminum hydroxide, magnesium, and also benzocaine and sorbitol. Assign this drug for acute and chronic gastritis, ulcers, flatulence, food intoxication, hernia, heartburn, pain and discomfort. The recommended doses are 1-2 teaspoons for adults, 1/3 of this dosage is for children under 10 years and ½ part for patients 10-15 years old.

The drug is not used in the treatment of children under one year,as well as during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Also, it is strictly forbidden to drink this medicine for serious violations of kidney function, Alzheimer's disease and with sensitivity to components.

The medicine can not be drunk longer than three days. The maximum daily intake for adults is 16 teaspoons.

This analogue of "Phosphalugel" can cause such side effects as vomiting or nausea, drowsiness and constipation.

Suspension is available in bottles of 170 and 200 ml, as well as in bags.

The drug "Enterol": instruction

Russian analogue of phosphalugel

This drug belongs to antidiarrhoealmeans, therefore can act as a substitute only when the drug "Fosfalugel" was prescribed for diarrhea. Analogues of the drug, as already mentioned, can be selected based on the patient's existing health problems - this is the case. In addition to providing antidiarrheal action, the drug "Enterol" normalizes the flora of the intestine and is an antimicrobial, anthelminthic and antiparasitic agent with an antitoxic, immunostimulating, enzymatic effect.

This medicine is produced in the form of a powder forpreparation of a suspension for children of 100 mg of active substance and in capsules of 250 mg. Ingredients include magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, gelatin and lactose monohydrate.

Assign the drug "Enterol" for diseases such as colitis of different course and origin, acute and chronic diarrhea of ​​viral and bacterial etiology.

The peculiarity of this medication is that over the whole history of the application there has been no overdose, unlike the drug "Fosfalugel".

Analogues of this type can not fully becomesubstitutes, but with diarrhea after taking capsules or "Enterol" suspension, a positive result of treatment is achieved much faster. But it should be understood that this medicine can not neutralize acidity or remove heartburn, and therefore to eliminate these symptoms will have to look for other medications.

Preparation "Motilium": instruction

phosphalogel analogs are synonyms

The drug "Motilium" refers toantiemetics, but it can also be attributed to the substitutes of the drug "Phosphalugel" (analogues of a narrow spectrum of action). The active component of tablets and suspensions is the substance domperidone. Also, the composition includes lactose, potato starch (gelatinized), polyvidone, hydrogenated vegetable oil, magnesium stearate, hypromelose, sodium lauryl sulfate.

This medicine is used to treat dyspepsia,as well as to eliminate vomiting and nausea of ​​various origins. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the doctor can prescribe to the patient to drink 1 or 2 tablets three times a day. Scheme of reception of the suspension is selected individually, based on the body weight of the baby.

The drug is not prescribed to pregnant women until 12 weeks,after this time, evaluate the risk and therapeutic dose. The drug is transmitted with breast milk, so it is advisable for the period of treatment to transfer the child to artificial feeding or completely refuse to take.

If nausea and vomiting is painful and for any reason it is impossible to drink the medicine "Fosfalugel", the analogue in tablets "Mottillium" is a worthy substitute.

Pepsan preparation: instruction

phosphalogel analogue for children

Another fairly popular substitute with a similaraction is the drug Pepsan. It is available in the form of gel, in sachets and capsules. This medication is a combined medicine and, just like the "Fosfalugel", it has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory, adsorptive, gas-lowering agent. It consists of demitikon and guaiazulen substances. This drug can be an excellent substitute for individual intolerance of the active components of the drug "Fosfalugel".

Pepsan is prescribed for reflux disease, increased acidity in the stomach, flatulence and abdominal pain.

Instead of concluding

Unfortunately, in pharmacies almost no pick upthe Russian analogue. "Fosfalugel" and the like - preparations of this type, which are more often produced either in France or in Bulgaria. And of course the cost of such medications is decent. However, do not economize on health and resort to folk methods of treatment, especially to eat baking soda to neutralize the stomach acid.