If bronchitis has developed, antibiotics are needed or not?


Acute bronchitis is very commondisease of the respiratory system. The development of bronchitis is facilitated by bacterial, viral infection, as well as virus-bacterial associations. The peak incidence of acute bronchial inflammation usually occurs during the cold season, especially during epidemic outbreaks of influenza and respiratory-viral infections. This disease limits the ability to work, requires the appointment of bed rest and therefore if the bronchitis is developing, treatment with antibiotics is considered many necessary.

In acute bronchitis, infectious-allergicthe factor damages the wall of the bronchus, which leads to a violation of blood circulation and innervation in it. As a result, the production of mucus increases, the protective function of the ciliated epithelium is disrupted, the motor and evacuation function of the bronchi worsens. The pathogenic microflora penetrates into the bronchial wall and promotes the development of the inflammatory process.

The clinical picture of acute bronchitis is quiteis typical. The first manifestation of this disease is a cough. In the early days, cough is dry, unproductive, or with a small amount of phlegm, which is hard cough. Cough is accompanied by a feeling of perspiration in the throat and behind the sternum in the upper part. After a few days sputum begins, usually mucous or mucopurulent. There may be hoarseness of voice, dyspnoea with physical exertion. The most important diagnostic study is fluorography, which allows differential diagnosis of bronchitis and pneumonia.

Treatment of acute bronchitis should be complexand carried out taking into account the etiological and pathogenetic factors. In the first days of illness the patient is assigned a bed rest. It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid: tea with raspberry or currant jam, with lime color, ginger, milk with soda, heated alkaline mineral water. Medicamentous treatment consists in the appointment of anti-inflammatory, antitussive, expectorant drugs, vitamins, if necessary antipyretic.

In acute inflammation of the bronchi is always relevantthe question of the use of antibiotics. If acute bronchitis develops, antibiotics are often used, but are they always needed? As a rule, acute inflammation of the bronchi is caused by a viral infection, the bacterial infection is much less common, but can be associated with ineffective treatment of the disease. Antibiotics for viral infection do not work. If acute viral bronchitis is treated, antibiotics can not bring the desired effect, since antiviral drugs are required. Therefore, for the treatment of this disease, mainly symptomatic treatment and means for combating viral infection is used. At the same time, often catarrhal diseases are complicated by the attachment of a bacterial infection. In this case, extra acute bronchitis is treated with antibiotics.

On the development of a bacterial complication, one should thinkin the event that the symptoms of intoxication and temperature increase, purulent sputum appears. When these symptoms appear in the treatment, antibiotics should be included. Usually semi-synthetic antibiotics and macrolides are used. Usually if there is bronchitis, antibiotics are used inside. In severe cases, a high risk of developing pneumonia, antibiotics are prescribed parenterally.

We examined what type of acute bronchitistreatment. Antibiotics in this disease are not the main group of drugs, but their appointment becomes mandatory in the development of complications. The appointment of antibiotics is also required when exacerbating the chronic form of bronchitis.