Chamomile pharmacy: the healing power of plants


Surely everyone knows about antisepticproperties of chamomile. Quite often chamomile is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, with diarrhea, flatulence and many other ailments. They use it in folk, official medicine and in cosmetology.

For medical purposes, inflorescences are collected(basket) of the plant. Harvesting can be done from May until the end of summer. Collection takes place in sunny and dry weather. Only those plants in which reed white flowers are located horizontally, but not those that have already begun to descend, are eligible for collection. In this period, the plant has the most amount of biologically active substances. At a later gathering in the drying process, the basket breaks and the essential oil evaporates. The flower spoon should not be more than 3 cm. It is best to keep it in a sealed container no longer than a year.

Chamomile: application, composition and properties of the medicinal plant

Flavonoids, coumarins, essential oils, vitamin C, terpenes, polysaccharides, coumarins and organic acids are distinguished from the inflorescences of the plant.

The essential oil of chamomile contains valuablethe substance is chamazulene. In many respects, it is thanks to him that the camomile has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, anti-allergic, sedative, reducing the formation of gases, mild laxative, choleretic, analgesic, normalizing gastrointestinal function, carminative, emollient, soothing, antispasmodic and antiseptic. In addition, the oil contributes to the increase and acceleration of breathing, the increase in the number of cardiac contractions, the expansion of cerebral vessels, and also helps with bronchial asthma, rheumatism, allergic skin diseases, x-ray burns.

From chamomile broths, teas, infusions are prepared, also it is available in the composition of soothing, gastric, emollient and carminative collections. And with it you can do inhalations, baths and poultices.

In the people, chamomile flowers are used for treatmentgastritis, colitis, diseases of the bladder, liver, kidneys, stomach, malaria, colds, enterocolitis, diseases of the nervous system, scrofula, gynecological diseases, insomnia, for getting rid of flatulence, headaches and normalization of the menstrual cycle - in these cases, infusions and broths are recommended inside.

With long healing wounds, eczemas, acne, fistula, inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes, abscesses, itchy allergic dermatoses, externally apply infusions of chamomile (in the form of lotions).

With furuncles, ulcers and gout, a decoction of chamomile is prepared with the addition of salt.

Children to eliminate spasms of the digestive tract are recommended chamomile pharmacy in the form of infusion.

When periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, inflammation of the gums, tonsillitis, toothache and angina, rinses are used.

With gynecological diseases (colpitis, endocervicitis, thrush, vulvitis) it is useful to wash with chamomile or syringing.

With hemorrhoids, flatulence, colitis, intestinal spasms and diarrhea, enemas with chamomile.

Chamomile baths eliminate or soothe seizures, apply them and with nervousness.

Chamomile tea should be used to wash the eyes.

With rheumatism, bruises, gout, arthritis, poultices are useful.

When migraine use powder from flowers of chamomile.

Cosmetologists also advise for face carechamomile, especially for those with skin prone to irritation. It is beneficial to cleanse the skin of the face in the evening. And ice cubes, cooked from chamomile broth, are good for rubbing the face and neck, because they perfectly refresh and tone the skin. For dry skin, you can make toilet water from chamomile infusion (70 g) with vodka (50 g) and glycerin (5 g).

A decoction of chamomile will remove the swelling from the eyes. To do this, you need to wet the tampon in a decoction with chamomile and apply it to the inflamed eyelid for 2 minutes, repeat the procedure three times.

Chamomile pharmacy is indispensable and in the care ofhair. After washing her head, it is useful to rinse her hair. To do this, in a liter and a half water pour the infusion of chamomile (pour a table, a spoonful of grass with a glass of boiling water). After the procedure, the hair will become silky. And for light hair or lightening of dark, you can prepare a stronger infusion (brew 100 g of grass for half a liter of boiling water, insist and filter for half an hour). This infusion will revitalize and tint the hair. If you want to get a more saturated shade, you can take a half-liter of boiling water 200 grams of raw materials. Diligently wet your hair without wiping them with a towel. The procedure is repeated until the desired shade is obtained.

To strengthen hair and improve their growth, preparethe next infusion: take in equal parts leaves of plantain, nettle, sage, herb oregano and chamomile flowers. A glass of boiling water pour a tablespoon of a mixture of these herbs and leave to stand. After cooling the infusion, add the pulp of black bread and make the gruel from the mixture, which is rubbed into the scalp. Then put a warming cap on your head and leave it for an hour. Then the hair is rinsed without the use of shampoo, dried in the air without a towel.

Drunk at night a glass of tea with chamomile (you can withadding honey and cream) will provide a healthy and sound sleep. Prepare it like this: a glass of boiling water pour a tablespoon of flowers, 20 minutes insist and drink after filtering.

Contraindications to the use of chamomile

Chamomile has practically no contraindications. With the right dosages it is not poisonous, but it's not worth using it for a long time. When pregnancy should try to avoid its use, tk. at short periods, chamomile preparations can cause miscarriages and bleeding, and at large increase the risk of premature birth.