Treatment of dyshidrosis in children and adults


The dyshydrosis of the feet and palms is a multifactorial disease, which in the people has the name of a water carrier, since it looks like a bubble, usually located either on the legs or on the hands.

treatment of dyshidrosis

This disease is itchysmall bubbles that do not have suppuration or any signs of inflammation. The causes of the appearance of this disease are the presence of sweating disorders, the functions of the nervous and endocrine systems, organ diseases. In addition, their formation is facilitated by external negative effects.

It should be noted that this disease is also a sign of mycosis, allergic dermatitis, a kind of manifestation of an allergic reaction.

If the patient suffers from a true dyshidrosis, thenCannon observed only on the surface of the palms and has the size of the head of the pin. Such formations have a dense coating through which a transparent liquid is transparent. With true dyshidrosis, itchy vesicles are observed for a maximum of ten days, and then regenerated. This unpleasant affliction causes a person discomfort, because the disease not only causes pain, but also itches.

After a certain time, the vesicles dry up or burst and serous fluid flows out of them in a small amount. After they have burst, in their place erosions are formed.

Treatment of dyshidrosis

Dyshidrosis of the feet

This disease is treated in a complex way: for this patient takes medication, and also uses external therapy. With regard to drugs, the treatment of dyshidrosis is carried out with the help of biotin, ascorbic acid and thiamine. Sometimes sedatives are prescribed.

If the Cossack woman appeared because of mycosis ordishydrosis eczema, the treatment of dyshidrosis is carried out using desensitizing and antifungal agents. Patients with a prolonged course of illness are prescribed iron and phosphorus preparations, and autohemotherapy is also performed.

If the patient has an increasedsweating of the feet or vegetative abnormalities, then atropine sulfate is given as a percentage of 0.1-0.25% for 10-12 days. Also apply tincture belladonna, belloid, bellataminal.

Treatment of the dyshidrosis of the hands and eczema dyshidrotic on the feet is best performed by such an effective means as phonophoresis gelatin ointment.

Areas that are affected by eczema can beto treat with potassium permanganate, making contrasting or hot baths. Very good also helps decoction of the bark of oak, St. John's wort. The action and compresses with soda, which need to be applied for 4-6 hours.

Dyshidrosis in children

If the dyshidrosis in children or adults is accompanied by an allergy or inflammation, treatment should preferably be performed using a corticosteroid ointment in a ratio of 1: 3 or 1: 4.

Remember that a disease such as dyshidrosis,patients of any age may be secondary signs of some other disease, so it is desirable to conduct a survey and undergo effective treatment from an experienced dermatologist.