How to choose the best drug - "Dufaston" or "Utrozhestan"?


Many obstetrician-gynecologists during the work had to answer the questions of patients about what all the same drug is better - "Dyufaston" or "Utrozhestan".

Dyufaston or Utrozhestan
But it is simply impossible to bend in favor of this or that option, because each of them has its own shortcomings.

To understand what is the difference between thesemedicines, first you need to understand when they are used, for which they are needed. Both drugs are prescribed to adjust the level of progesterone in the body in cases of menstrual irregularities, pronounced PMS, in endometriosis, threatening miscarriage or infertility, which arose because of the insufficiency of the second phase of the cycle, etc.

Choosing which means to appoint - "Dyufaston"or "Utrozhestan", doctors are guided by the number of side effects and convenience of the way of receiving each of them. Patients, however, often having read the information that the latter option, unlike the first, is a natural progesterone, which is extracted from plant raw materials, are inclined in its favor. But this formulation is not entirely correct. Duphaston tablets are called synthetic progesterone because the chemical structure of this substance for one methyl group differs from the formula of natural hormone, but its properties do not affect it in any way. It is also worth noting that both preparations are derived from plant raw materials belonging to the Dioscorea family.

Duphaston for pregnant women

When choosing the means of "Dyufaston" or "Utrozhestan"it is necessary to take into account that when taking the latter often there is drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, some even have allergic reactions. When taking both medications, intermediate bleeding from the uterus can be observed and the cycle time may vary. Both drugs are used quite successfully during pregnancy, when a woman has progesterone insufficiency. In addition, do not be afraid if the doctor chooses which drug you will be assigned - Dufaston or Utrozhestan, without special need, no one prescribes them. You may have a deficiency of progesterone, which is confirmed by the analysis, the threat of miscarriage or in anamnesis were interrupted in the early stages of pregnancy.

Utrozestan description

However, with a strong toxicosis, whichaccompanied by vomiting, it is recommended to use capsules "Utrozhestan." The description given in the instructions says that during the first trimester, it is better not to take it orally, but intravaginally. This allows you to keep the maximum amount of progesterone in the body. Also, this drug is prescribed if a drug with an antiandrogenic effect is required. In addition, when taken orally, it helps to reduce the amount of estrogen. But tablets "Dyufaston" (for pregnant women they are recommended very often) do not affect anything except progesterone. These moments often become decisive when choosing a drug that must be prescribed.

Also, everyone should know: despite the fact that the described drugs are hormonal, they do not suppress ovulation and can not be used as contraceptives.