Clover: useful properties and contraindications. Clover flowers: medicinal properties


Scientists have more than 150 species of clover in the world. The plant is distributed in the temperate, subtropical and tropical belts. In Russia about 30 species of this culture are known, which grow in the European part, in the Far East and Siberia. Clover is a well-known herbaceous plant. It can be found on forest edges, fields and meadows. One of the beneficial properties of grass is the enrichment of the soil with nitrogen. The nodules found on the clover roots contain bacteria that absorb atmospheric nitrogen and saturate the soil.

Something about clover

flowers clover useful properties

The plant blooms in May-June in different colors. Pink, white and red inflorescences adorn the summer glades. In translation from Latin "clover" means "trefoil". Almost all types of this herb the structure of the leaf resembles three small leaves.

In Europe, this form was considered an embodiment ofHoly Trinity. Masters often used clover ornaments in embroidery, jewelry and architecture. It was considered a great success to find a plant with four leaves.

Russia is well known for its tilled and red(meadow) clover. The head of the trefoil consists of separate flowers. They blossom one by one, attracting bumblebees and bees. The insect descends to the head of the plant, grabs its paws and checks its proboscis with all the flowers: which one is the sweetest nectar.

Another popular type of clover in our country is white. He is the most unpretentious of all varieties. The plant is undemanding to moisture, light-loving enough and differs early flowering.

Clover. Useful properties and contraindications

clover useful properties and contraindications

Trefoil has medicinal properties. Some of its species - grazed, red and white - are valued by folk healers. The healing properties of clover are expressed in astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic action.

In folk medicine, this representative of the floraIt is used for diarrhea, colitis, dysentery. If you are first introduced to a clover plant, useful properties and contraindications should be considered first.

Drug, cooked on the basis of thismedicinal plants are successfully used in diabetes mellitus and in various forms of bronchitis. In addition, from the trefoil make compresses on the area of ​​the bronchi. Also, such treatment is recommended for rheumatism and gout.

Vitamins and nutrients

flowers clover medicinal properties

Clover, whose medicinal properties are recognizedsince ancient times, to this day is considered one of the most valuable herbs in the meadow. This representative of the flora is rich in protein, starch, carotene, folic acid, vitamins C, P.

In Russia for wound healing effect with scrofulaFresh juice of a clover was used. In Czechoslovakia, shamrock is used to flavor baths. Traditional medicine claims that, thanks to its medicinal properties, the clover regulates the metabolism in the human body, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and lowers cholesterol in the blood.

Despite the therapeutic properties, there areContraindications for the administration of various preparations based on trefoil. They are not recommended for people with diagnoses: an estrogen-dependent form of cancer, heart disease and thrombophlebitis. Also, clover preparations are contraindicated for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Clover flowers. Healing properties

Inflorescences of this medicinal plant -a real storehouse of vitamins. They contain ascorbic acid, various vitamins of group B. In addition, the flowers of the trefoil contain isoflavonides, coumarins, essential oil and other substances useful to the human body.

In ancient China, too, flowers were widely usedclover. Useful properties allowed herbalists to prepare infusions, which contribute to the purification of lymph, blood and the outflow of bile. Today, clover is recommended for the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases.

Use of clover flowers

Doctors advise to add in daily teadried flowers of clover, useful properties of which help to improve the tone of the body. The leaves of the plant containing salicylic acid have an anti-inflammatory effect. They can be added to various salads.

Modern person has a lot of timehold the computer screen. The load on the eyes is very noticeable. If you are concerned about the irritation and fatigue of the eyes, then this problem can be eliminated. Flowers of clover (useful properties of which make eyes shine with beauty) are used as a compress on the eyes.

Useful properties of white clover

white clover useful properties

Preparations from white clover havewound healing, analgesic and tonic properties. As prevention of oral diseases, inflammation of the larynx, adenoids, pulmonary tuberculosis use tinctures from this medicinal plant. Doctors advise to prepare broths from white trefoil. They are excellent helpers for cupping the effects of poisoning, for relieving pain in rheumatism and gout.

White clover is appreciated by amateur gardeners.The plant is used for gardening and decorating lawns and garden areas. The lawn from snow-white flowers and lush stems looks very attractive! Useful properties of clover allow gardening to use it as fertilizer for the soil. In addition, the plant is frost-resistant, which allows the lawn to look elegant from early spring to late autumn.

Preparation of medicinal raw materials

clover medicinal properties

Probably, having got acquainted with the information on a theme"Clover: Useful properties and contraindications," many readers will want to prepare medicinal herbs on their own. To do this, you need a secateur or a long pair of scissors. You can cut off the stems, and then separate the inflorescences and leaves from it. The damaged and darkened parts are removed. Then the raw materials must be cut into smaller parts.

The resulting mass should be decomposed on a linentissues in a shady, well ventilated area. It is necessary to arrange the parts of the plant quite freely for high-quality drying. Raw materials should be turned daily. After the plant mass has dried, it must be placed in a prepared bag made of natural tissue.

Sowing of clover

clover flowers useful properties properties

If after reading the article you havethe desire to admire the flowers at home - prepare the soil. Clover - unpretentious plant, but still should choose for him a more sunny site. Then the plant culture will please with a beautiful carpet of flowers and greens.

Fertilize the soil for sowing best in autumn intime of digging up the land. For sowing plants, it is best to choose a warm autumn day. Clover seeds are rather small. Therefore, they should be mixed with river sand (1: 3) and sowed in prepared grooves at a distance of 8-10 centimeters from each other. You can plant the plant chaotically, but in this case, the seeds will need more. In early spring, you can feed the soil with fertilizer.


When the clover reaches the budding period,it is recommended to treat the plot with an insect repellent. Experienced gardeners for the brightness of the flowers of the shamrock feed the plant with wood ash. It is important to carefully read the information on the white clover plant. Useful properties and contraindications need to be known in order to understand in what capacity it is best to apply it. Whether it's a decoration element or a medicine is up to you.