Medicinal Calendula: Therapeutic Properties and Contraindications


calendula healing properties and contraindications

Useful properties of calendula have been disclosed inAncient Greece. For sure, each of us at least once in my life was treated with this remarkable herbal remedy, because our grandmothers and mothers always had in stock a jar of dried orange flowers. And indeed, the properties of calendula were appreciated even by traditional medicine, so doctors prescribe its drugs for various diseases. Also, her broths are often used externally and treat them with open infected wounds or mucous membranes.

Calendula, medicinal properties and contraindicationswhich you will learn right now, is available in almost every part of our country. Due to this, it is affordable and widely distributed. It is often called "healing marigolds", you can purchase it in any pharmacy. It is offered in several dosage forms: dried herb or flowers, as well as alcoholic infusion and ointment.

Calendula: medicinal properties and contraindications in medicine

This plant has a number of usefuleffects, among which antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. That is why chronic and acute pathological processes in the ENT organs (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc.) are often prescribed rinsing with infusion of calendula. The same tool saves from headaches, from anxiety, from increased nervousness and the consequences of severe stress.

what is useful about calendula
When the skin is affected (burns, cuts,bruises, soft tissue injuries, etc.), ointments based on "marigolds" are applied to the surface. In gynecological practice, calendula infusion is used to treat colpitis and erosive formations on the cervical region. Calendula in medicine plays an important role, because it has hypotensive, sedative and anti-edematous effects, but there are also contraindications. Do not take drugs on the basis of this plant to pregnant women, people with arterial hypotension, and in the presence of diseases of the digestive tract should be careful.

calendula in medicine

What is useful for calendula, you already know, but it is importantremember that it can not be used with certain groups of drugs. Exclude its simultaneous reception with barbiturates and sedative drugs of synthetic origin, as well as with herbal remedies of the same action (motherwort, valerian, etc.).

Calendula, medicinal properties and contraindicationswhich is proved not only by time, but also by numerous studies, can also be applied in pediatric practice. Quite often newborn children have skin problems (sweating, streptoderma, etc.). In this case, also comes to the aid of boiled marigolds, in which the child can be bathed daily, combining calendula with other anti-inflammatory herbs (alternating, chamomile). But in no case can not apply alcohol tinctures to treat skin in a child.

Calendula, medicinal properties and contraindications in cosmetology

This wonderful plant is successfully used andoutside in another, no less popular sphere. With the help of his decoctions, preparations are made for rinsing the hair for restoration. If you have oily and problem skin, it should be treated with alcohol tincture, which also helps to narrow the pores. The only contraindication in this case is only the individual intolerance of the organism.