Medication "Ribomunil". Instructions for use


The drug "Ribomunil" has a pronouncedimmunomodulatory effect, has the ability to stimulate the humoral and cellular defense system. The medicament contains ribosomes containing antigens identical to bacterial surface type. In this regard, when penetrating the body, they activate the process of synthesis of antibodies to microorganisms.

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Ribomunil. Instructions for use. Indications

The medication is prescribed for prevention and therapyinfectious pathologies in ENT organs of a protracted nature. In particular, the indications should include angina, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis. Effective drug with laryngitis, otitis. The "Ribomunil" remedy is recommended for pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchial asthma (infectious-dependent type), chronic bronchitis and other infectious diseases in the respiratory tract.

Dosing regimen


The medicine should be taken on an empty stomach, in the morning. Once prescribed for the pill (0.75 mg) or three tablets (0.25 mg), or a bag diluted in a glass of water. Duration of admission is determined depending on the course of the pathology and the tolerance of the drug to the patient. It is recommended to continue taking medication after the symptoms of the disease have been eliminated. For the first three weeks, the medicine takes the first four days of each week. Subsequently, the medicine is drunk on the first 4 days of each month. Duration of admission - 5 months. Prevention is carried out twice a year for 3 months or once every six months. For children, the Ribomunil preparation is recommended for use in granulated form. For patients from six months, the dosage is determined by a specialist.

Side effects

To the negative consequences of the drug "Ribomunil"the instructions for use include diarrhea, allergic manifestations on the skin (in the form of irritation, rashes or itching), nausea. Probably the development of hypersalivation. In a number of cases there is an increase in temperature during the first few days of admission. As a rule, this manifestation does not apply to the action of the facility. If the condition worsens during treatment or prevention, the drug should be withdrawn and consult a doctor.

Ribomunil instructions for use

Medication "Ribomunil". Instructions for use. Contraindications

Do not prescribe medication in the presence of autoimmune pathologies, hypersensitivity to components. The expediency of taking medication by pregnant and lactating patients is established by the doctor.

Ribomunil. Instructions for use. Price. additional information

The cost of the medicine is about 350 r. Cases of drug overdose, while observing therapeutic doses, are not noted. It is theoretically likely to increase adverse reactions. When an overdose shows the usual measures to provide care, symptomatic therapy is prescribed. The agent does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions and can be prescribed to patients of any profession. Before using the drug should visit a specialist and read the annotation.