The drug "Acyclovir" (ointment). Instructions for use


The drug "Acyclovir Hexal" (ointment) instructionbelongs to the category of antiviral drugs. The drug shows a particularly effective effect on herpes simplex virus and herpes zoster (in complex therapy). Also available is a medicament in the form of a solution for injection, ophthalmic cream and in tablet form

The drug "Acyclovir" is an analog of the componentDNA - deoxyguanidine. The similarity of the structures allows the drug to come into contact with the enzymes of the virus, preventing their reproduction. After introduction into the viral cell, the drug "Acyclovir" passes into the process of transformation into acyclovir-triphosphate (the active form) blocking the mechanism of dividing the viral DNA. The drug has a selective effect on the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid of the virus. The drug does not affect the mechanism of dividing the DNA of a human cell.

The drug "Acyclovir" (ointment) instruction onUse recommends using in herpes in order to prevent the formation of new rashes, reduce the risk of further spread through the skin, as well as the occurrence of complications in the work of internal organs. The drug promotes the formation of crusts, relieves pain in the phase of exacerbation of herpes zoster (in complex therapy).

The drug "Acyclovir" (injections) is appliedintravenously with infections provoked by the herpes simplex virus in patients with immune system disorders, with severe forms of primary infections in the reproductive system.

The medication also has immunostimulating effects.

Medication "Acyclovir" (ointment) instruction manual recommends the use of externally.

In infections of the mucous membranes and skin, provoked by simple herpes (lips, genitals including), the affected surface is applied five times a day. The duration of therapy is from five to ten days.

A strip of cream per centimeter is designed for twentyfive square centimeters of cover. In order to prevent auto-toxication, the drug "Acyclovir" (ointment) recommends the use of instructions in gloves or fingertips.

The medicine must be used as soon as possible. This applies to both repeated and primary infection.

The medicine "Acyclovir" (ointment) for children is prescribed with chicken pox. The treatment plan should be selected by the doctor individually.

As practice shows, the drug is tolerated by patients well.

When using the drug "Acyclovir" (ointment), the instructions for use indicate the possibility of developing irritation of the skin or mucous, vulvitis.

When ingestion of a medicine is likely to increasefatigue, the appearance of diarrhea, vomiting, headache, nausea, skin allergies. Intravenous administration of the drug can provoke an increase in the concentration of urea, bilirubin, creatinine in the serum, increased activity of hepatic enzymes.

The use of ophthalmic ointment "Acyclovir" in some cases provokes blepharitis, conjunctivitis. There may be burning or itching in the eyes.

To the contraindications to the use of the drug "Acyclovir" the instruction refers to individual intolerance.

In connection with the insufficiently studied effect of the drug on the condition of pregnant and lactating women, the drug (regardless of the dosage form) is not prescribed for these categories of patients.

When developing herpetic keratitis is recommended to use eye ointment "Acyclovir". In this case, the medicine is poured five times a day into the conjunctival sac (every four hours).

It must be remembered that the drug is not intended for use without the supervision of a specialist. Before using, always consult a doctor.