Root of dogrose: medicinal properties, contraindications, recipes of broths


Root of dogrose, the medicinal properties of whichpriceless, known to many as effective, and most importantly - a natural remedy for many ailments. Some believe that the benefits can only be obtained through the fruits of the prickly bush, but this is not so. No less valuable and the root of the dog rose. Its therapeutic properties are based on preventive and therapeutic effects, on protecting the human body from bacteria and viruses.

Root of dogrose: medicinal properties

What are the properties of the root of the bush?

It contains a large number oforganic acids, as well as tannins, natural vitamins, essential oils, minerals and other essential substances that the body needs. However, this is not the whole list of advantages that the root of the dog rose possesses. Medical properties allow to render astringent, choleretic, antimicrobial effect. This is an indispensable tool for getting rid of stones in the kidneys, bile and bladder. A truly valuable set of natural substances can improve immunity, improve the overall health, strengthen the body. However, not all will benefit the root of the dog rose. There are also contraindications. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use any infusions, decoctions or preparations containing rosehips to people who are prone to thrombosis or thrombophlebitis. It should also include cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, you should not risk and make a decision yourself, it is better to get a competent specialist's advice before taking the root of the dog rose.

Decoction of rose hips roots

Decoction of rose hips roots: recipes

The broth has a strong antimicrobialinfluence, and it can be applied either inside or outside. To make it, take 40 grams of dry drug, wash it well and chop it. Then, pour the roots of 250 ml of diluted or purified water and boil on low heat for about 30 minutes. Now it is necessary to leave the broth to be infused for a couple of hours, after which it must be filtered and taken 80 ml three times a day. As already mentioned above, the root of the dog rose is not such a safe raw material. His healing properties are undeniable, but it is better to consult a doctor about taking and dosage.

root of the dog rose. Contraindications

Those people who suffer from various ailmentsbladder or kidney, you can take a more concentrated decoction. To do this, grind 2 tablespoons of rose hips root and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Cook the drug on a low heat for 15 minutes, after which it must be cooled, well filtered and consumed in the above dosages. In this case, the broth turns out to be a saturated color, which indicates the presence in it of a large number of active substances.

Persons who have an initial stage of hypertension,recommended the following recipe. You should prepare 1 tablespoon of rose hips roots and pour the raw material with 3 glasses of water. Then you need to put the mixture on the fire. And as soon as it boils, remove from the stove for a couple of minutes and then boil again. Now it is advisable to pour the liquid into the thermos, where it must be infused for three hours. It is recommended to drink medicinal broth in a warm form during the day instead of tea. Health to you!