"Afobazol" and alcohol: compatibility, the reaction of the body, the opinion of doctors


The modern rhythm of life does not give a respite. Many people because of this are becoming more stressed. Nervous tension, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep - that's what provokes depression. One of the over-the-counter drugs that help to cope with this condition is Afobazol.

afobazol compatibility with alcohol

Can I take Afobazol with alcohol: information from the manufacturer

Many sedatives and tranquilizerscontraindicated in the use of alcoholic beverages. In combination, these substances cause a condition that becomes life-threatening. That's why consumers doubt whether Afobazol can be taken with alcohol together. To answer this question as precisely as possible, it is necessary to consider the drug from different perspectives of influence on the body. First, you should refer to the instructions.

In the annotation, the manufacturer indicates that the"Afobazol" is contraindicated for persons who are sensitive to the active substance with phabomotisol. Also, the medicine should not be taken to a woman if she is pregnant or breast-feeding. Children drug is contraindicated. In other cases, the drug can be used. For this, the consumer does not need to consult a doctor. You can buy Afobazol in any pharmacy without a special prescription. From the information provided by the manufacturer, it can be concluded that the drug can be combined with alcohol. Tablets do not have a negative effect on the work of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, do not slow attention, reaction. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

afobazol and alcohol compatibility reviews

Diseases that treat the drug, and the possibility of drinking alcohol

After studying the details of the instructions, it can be concluded that the drug "Afobazol" compatibility with alcohol is zero.

  1. The drug is used for anxiety states inadults: neurasthenia, increased anxiety, adaptation disorder. If Afobazol is used in this state, panic attacks will only intensify.
  2. The use of a tranquilizer is shownfor patients suffering from somatic diseases: asthma, hypertension, arrhythmia, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus erythematosus, dermatitis, oncology. With these pathologies, the use of ethanol is highly undesirable. So, with irritated intestines, alcohol will intensify unpleasant manifestations. Dermatitis can become aggravated, and the pressure will become even higher.
  3. "Afobazol" is indicated for use in cases of violationssleep, women during PMS, during quitting and alcohol dependence treatment. It is logically clear that in these situations alcohol-containing drinks will aggravate the course of the disease.

If there are any indications for using the drug Afobazol, compatibility with alcohol should be excluded. This condition is not specified in the annotation, but this conclusion suggests itself.

afobazol and alcohol

Afobazol: adverse reactions and overdose

It is believed that when consuming alcoholic beverageswith any drugs increases the likelihood of adverse reactions. The instructions for using a tranquilizer indicate that it can cause an allergy or headache, but this rarely happens. It would seem that there is nothing wrong with using tablets Afobazol and alcohol together.

Indeed, the drug is almost impossibleoverdose. Only with the use of large amounts of medicine a patient can develop drowsiness, apathy. Accepted alcohol, most likely, will not have a harmful effect and in this case. That is why the manufacturer indirectly indicates that you can drink Afobazol with alcohol.

can afobazol with alcohol

Combination of alcohol and Afobazol

To summarize and draw a preliminary conclusion about whether the drug "Afobazol" has compatibility with alcohol, it is necessary to find out how these substances interact in the human body.

  1. The active substance of the drug Afobazolcalms the nervous system. It acts on certain receptors of nerve cells in the brain: it stabilizes and restores sensitivity. The drug protects the nerve cells from the negative influence of various factors. Afobazol tablets relieve tension, irritability, anxiety. They eliminate disturbing psychosomatic reactions: muscle spasms, cardiovascular disorders, vegetative manifestations.
  2. Alcohol works the same way, but only in thebeginning. Drinking alcohol brakes the nervous system, has a relaxing effect on the entire body, eliminates anxiety and improves mood. However, treatment with this method can lead to completely unforeseen circumstances. Frequent use of alcohol, on the other hand, leads the nervous system into agitation, causes aggression and anger. After sobering comes a feeling of weakness and apathy.

It can be concluded that in the human bodyAfobazol and alcohol work in opposite directions. Consequently, the minimal consequences that may arise are ineffective treatment.

afobazol and alcohol reviews

Opinion of doctors

Do doctors allow to take together Afobazol andalcohol? Experts' reviews emphasize that the drug is used to treat withdrawal symptoms. This occurs when you refuse any dependence: narcotic, drug, nicotine or alcohol. If a patient needs a cure for alcohol abuse, then combining Afobazol tablets with those is strictly prohibited. Also, doctors tell us that with the help of this drug, the dependence on smoking is being treated. If during this period to consume alcohol, then there is an increased craving for a cigarette. Therefore, in this situation, drinking alcohol is also impossible.

When treating neuroses and depression tablets"Afobazol, combined with alcohol, will not give any effect. Doctors state the fact that alcohol completely suppresses the effect of the tranquilizer. Negative effect on the nervous system itself ethanol, which subsequently causes the need for more serious and expensive psychotropic drugs.

Summarizing the arguments about what the Afobazol tablets and alcohol compatibility have, the doctors' reviews warn:

  1. This combination probably will not harm the digestive system.
  2. The combination of tablets and spirits can provoke a hypertensive crisis.
  3. The combination of ethanol with the claimed medicine will depressing the work of the nervous system.
  4. The alcohol drunk with Afobazol will not be effective.

Is it possible to take afobazol with alcohol

Through how many it is possible

From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatthe tranquilizer "Afobazol" compatibility with alcohol is zero. If the patient takes the drug, then the alcohol should be abandoned for the entire prescribed course of treatment.

  1. Drink alcohol after treatment can be no earlier than 2 weeks. This is how much the effect of the medication is preserved.
  2. Take Afobazol follows only soberman. If you drank alcohol, then wait for the complete removal of ethanol from the body. Depending on the amount and strength of the drink, this time can vary from 1 to 36 hours.

"Afobazol" and alcohol: compatibility (reviews)

Statistics show that about a quarterpatients who took tablets "Afobazol", at least once, but used alcohol. The average duration of treatment is 2-3 months, and a day should take one tablet (morning, lunch and evening). Once taken alcohol in a small amount did not affect the treatment and well-being of the patient. Therefore, consumers boldly declare that alcohol and tablets "Afobazol" can be combined.

You can drink afobazol with alcohol

To sum up

Take Afobazol and simultaneously drinkalcohol is highly not recommended. However, one glass of wine or a glass of beer will not play a big role in the treatment, only if it is not about the withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome. For the best result, refrain from alcohol for the entire course of taking the medication.