Means "Befungin". Instructions for use


The drug "Beefungin" is released in the form of a ready-made solution and concentrate for its preparation. The medication is given orally. The active ingredient is chaga (birch fungus).

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Pharmacological properties

Means "Beefungin" (instructions for usetestifies to this) has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, shows an immunomodulatory effect. During therapy there is an increase in the body's resistance to hypoxia, an adverse effect of internal and external factors. The preparation is made of a phytopathogenic fungus, which grows on birch trunks. In its composition, the active substances are pigments forming a special complex in combination with acids and polysaccharides. Due to the presence of manganese, copper, cobalt, a stimulating effect on the process of hematopoiesis, on leucopoiesis in particular, is provided. The drug shows hepatoprotective properties, stabilizes the activity of the digestive glands. There is also information about the antitumor effect of the fungus. It can be associated with the ability of compounds to enhance the functional activity of the immune system, in particular killer cells.


Means for "Beefungin" instructions for userecommends dyskinesia for hypertension, ulcerative lesions of the digestive system, chronic gastritis. Therapy is prescribed for patients in asthenic conditions, in the postoperative period, with cachexia. The remedy is shown to patients who received prolonged immunosuppressive treatment.

befungin user's manual

Means "Befungin". Instructions for use. Price

It is recommended to take a solution before meals for half an hour. Concentrate before use should be diluted in water (3 tsp in 150 ml). Drink the remedy on a tablespoon three times a day. Duration of admission is from three to five months. If necessary, after seven to ten days, the therapeutic course is repeated. The cost of funds in pharmacies - from 160 rubles.

Side effects and contraindications

A solution of "Befungin" instructions for use is notrecommends patients under the age of eighteen, pregnant and lactating women. Contraindications include intolerance of the components contained in the composition. During therapy with "Befungin" (instructions for use warn about this), probably the occurrence of allergic reactions. As a rule, they are associated with an increased sensitivity of the patient. If this occurs and any other undesirable consequences, stop taking the solution and consult a doctor.


additional information

On the background of therapy with the "Beefungin" medicationon the application recommends adhering to a dairy diet. From the daily diet should be excluded canned food, animal fats, spicy seasonings. When taking the drug is contraindicated intravenous dextrose, the use of penicillin. To improve the processes of digestion and hematopoiesis, the solution can be prescribed in the complex treatment of tumor pathologies as an auxiliary.