Have appointed or nominated djufaston. How to take it.


The use of most drugsit is forbidden in pregnancy. However, some funds have been specially created for use in preparing for pregnancy or for treating certain complications of pregnancy (hypertension of the uterus, threat of interruption, etc.). To such medicines it is possible to carry Dyufaston. These are tablets, which have the right to appoint only a doctor in the presence of appropriate indications.

If pregnancy appears quickly and easilyit proceeds, it is remarkable. However, unfortunately, this situation is not always the case. In certain cases, the use of hormonal drugs is required to avoid problems. Duphaston is an analog of natural progesterone formed in the yellow body in the ovaries. If the amount of your hormone is not enough, then there is a need for using this drug.

Thus, Dufaston refers to drugs designed to activate the process of fertilization and conception. So, you have been prescribed djufaston. How to take it to get pregnant?

Only on the basis of laboratory datablood tests, a doctor can individually select the most suitable dosage, as well as a regimen for taking the medicine, to achieve the best result. A woman who plans a pregnancy and takes this drug must adhere to the admission scheme established by her gynecologist very strictly, only in this case the desired effect will be achieved. Never exceed the prescribed dosage of this drug - be sure to remember that the excess of the hormone progesterone in the female body can also lead to the appearance of various, sometimes absolutely unpredictable complications.

Of course, many are interested in how long it takes to take dufastone.

Treatment with Dufaston can be done sufficientlylong, since the desired effect is achieved not instantly. Another thing to remember is that the medicine does not stimulate ovulation, it only creates the necessary conditions for a good course of the menstrual cycle.

If you know how to properly take duhfastonduring pregnancy, it is absolutely harmless to the fetus. This is due to the fact that its structure is closest to progesterone, which is produced by the female body. In this case, the hormone has an exceptionally positive effect on the course of pregnancy.

If even before pregnancy, you have appointed Dufaston,how to take it and during pregnancy, only the doctor decides, because with the onset of pregnancy, you can not immediately stop taking this medicine. The lack of progesterone does not disappear at the beginning of pregnancy, but, on the contrary, can only intensify. Abrupt withdrawal of this drug can provoke a miscarriage. As a rule, the drug is continued at the same dosage as before pregnancy.

Sometimes Dufaston is recommended already with a pregnancy that has taken place, if there are the following indications:

1. Threat of miscarriage. It is accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen due to an increase in the tone of the uterus and bloody discharge from the genital tracts of different intensity.

2. In the past there were cases of undeveloped pregnancy. Duphaston in such cases helps the normal development of the fetus.

3. A habitual miscarriage. This condition is determined in the presence of miscarriages more than three times.

The effectiveness of the drug should be monitored by a doctor,therefore, if necessary, you should agree to hospitalization. Typically, Duphaston therapy lasts until 12-16 weeks of pregnancy, then progesterone is produced by the placenta in the right amount.

If you are prescribed dufaston, how to take it during pregnancy, the dosage and treatment regimen can be prescribed by the doctor, because everything depends on the main disease and all the nuances of the menstrual cycle.

Sometimes a dose adjustment is necessary. It is necessary to measure basal temperature, because on its basis it is possible to establish the insufficiency of the yellow body. Sometimes it happens that the usual dosage of 10 mg twice a day can not keep the pregnancy. Then you can increase the dosage to four tablets per day. But appoint this treatment should only a specialist.

If you have prescribed dufaston, how do you take itthe doctor will tell, as a rule, it should be taken at regular intervals. It is necessary at the same time. When the necessary time has passed, the dosage is gradually reduced.