How to treat a child's sweating? Recommendations for young mothers


how to treat a chicken in children

"How to treat a child's sweating?""- one of the most popular questions in young mothers.Potritsa is nothing but irritation that occurs on the skin due to increased sweating during overheating.It can appear at any age, but the most common is in infants, which is associated with the use of diapers and excessive care of young mothers who overly warm the kids.In the process of overheating, the child's body tries to remove excess moisture.But because of the fact that the sweat glands are not developed well enough, the liquid accumulates I was in the mouths of the sweat glands, causing irritation.

Symptoms of sweating

Before we dwell on the question: "How to treat a child's calf?", It is necessary to diagnose it. It looks like red, pink rashes on the skin, more often in the genital area. Eruptions can be in the form of small transparent bubbles, which quickly burst. Kids react differently to a rash: some even do not notice it, while remaining active and mobile, some may lose their appetite, there is a pronounced discontent.

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How dangerous is the sweating

Sweating in children, whose photos are simplefound in a medical guide, in itself is not particularly dangerous with timely treatment. However, the injured tender baby skin is an excellent medium for the development of microorganisms, which can lead to pustules and other undesirable consequences. Therefore, when the first signs of an illness appear, immediate measures should be taken.

Treatment of sweating

So, the child has a fever. What to do in this case?

  1. One of the most important factors enablingeffectively treat the pancake, and at the same time being an excellent prophylaxis against its appearance - the air temperature in the room where the baby is. The optimum temperature is 20-22 degrees. In addition, you need to regularly ventilate the room.
  2. Disposable diapers should be changed every 2hour, use those that maximize air flow and allow the skin to "breathe". Diapers should be matched to fit and do not rub the baby's legs.
  3. Keep the child from overheating, do not dress too warm.
  4. An effective method of how to treat a child's calf is herbal baths. For them, tinctures of chamomile, string, decoction of walnut leaves.
  5. Use of special creams based on zinc, which dry out the skin and at the same time are an excellent antiseptic.

the child has a perspiration to do

Prevention of sweating

So as not to ask: "How to treat a child's sweating?", You can prevent it from appearing, following simple recommendations. So, after each change of a diaper it is recommended to wash the baby or periodically use wet sanitary napkins. Do not use when washing soap, as it dries delicate skin. Optimum solution will be special children's gels for washing. After the bath, you should thoroughly soak your skin, paying special attention to the accumulation of moisture in the folds. Ideal - leave the baby for 10-15 minutes without a diaper. Do not actively use various powders and creams under the diaper, as they do not allow moisture to evaporate, creating a protective layer on the skin. This inevitably leads to the appearance of sweating. If you follow these simple recommendations, the question of how to treat a child's chicken will not bother you.