The healing properties of a golden mustache - it's interesting!


medicinal properties of the golden mustache
Traditional healers know firsthand aboutUse for the treatment of various diseases such herbs as golden mustache. What is so useful for this plant? Where does it come from? From what will help? A kind of golden mustache, he's a fragrant calligraphy, a venene of hair, a homemade ginseng, from Mexico and the countries of the subtropical belt. Initially, the plant was interested as decorative due to the length of 1.5-2 m, vertical leaves and the so-called whiskers - lilac shoots at the ends of the leaves. Scientists of different countries are still studying the healing properties of the golden mustache. It was even approved as the basis for some medications. And now let's consider what is so useful in terms of collision.

Flower golden mustache: medicinal properties

The plant is appreciated thanks to the juice that containsmass of active substances and minerals: flavonoids, steroids. This composition allows the golden mustache to fight with cancer, and stop uterine bleeding. The juice of the plant promotes the treatment of allergies, hemorrhoids, diatheses, scarlet fever and hypertension. The healing properties of the golden mustache are caused by the content of such a substance as kaempferol. It promotes the excretion of sodium salts from the body, and also strengthens the capillaries and exerts a tonic effect.

golden mustache medicinal properties review
Vitamin D, steroid hormones and bile acidsgive antibacterial and antitumor effect, they are used for metabolic disorders, with prostatitis, as well as for endocrine system diseases. The plant is rich in such essential substances as nickel, chromium, copper and iron. Used to prevent anemia, low hemoglobin, heart disease. It leads to a normal level of sugar in the body, and also to some extent replaces insulin. It is necessary at the time of plant treatment to give up alcohol, smoking and drinking juices: so the medicinal properties of the golden mustache will have a stronger effect on the human body.

Methods of application

flower gold ux healing properties
For medicinal purposes the golden mustache is used in the form ofinfusions, emulsions, extracts, ointments, decoctions, fresh or settled juice. Medicines based on it can be used internally in combination with other products if the patient can not use these medications separately (honey, infusion of mint or sugar), and externally. For external use, tincture on alcohol or crushed leaves. The healing properties of the golden mustache help to renew skin cells, stimulate regeneration processes. The plant will help to get rid of freckles, age spots, and also give the skin firmness and healthy appearance. Suitable for all skin types: for both sensitive and oily skin. In folk medicine, the facts are known, when patients get rid of psoriasis, ulcers and other skin diseases, using a golden mustache.

Healing properties: reviews

Positive statements about usefulproperties of this miracle plant once again prove all its value. Golden must have a beneficial effect on virtually all body systems: nervous, digestive, circulatory, etc. The list of useful properties of this plant can be continued very, very long. A real panacea for all diseases! Quickly get a golden mustache!