Does the drug "Dufaston" side effects


Hormones along with enzymes controlhuman body. The hormone of the female body is not an exception to this rule of progesterone. However, in our days not all women have a normal hormonal background. Often there are situations when there is not enough natural progesterone. But modern medicine has learned to cope with this situation. To solve this problem, women are prescribed preparations containing progesterone. One of them is the drug "Dyufaston".

But, before taking any medicine,it is advisable to read it. So let's see if the drug "Dufaston" has side effects? As a synthetic analogue of natural progesterone, this drug is used to form secretory endometrium in patients. Most often, it is prescribed after a course of taking medications containing estrogen. In this case, the woman's ovulation persists, that is, her suppression does not occur.

The active substance of this agent isdydrogesterone. Already two hours after taking the pill inside the body, the maximum concentration of this component is noted in the blood. Passing the metabolism in the cells of the liver, it is extracted in the form of metabolites from the body of the woman along with the urine. Complete elimination of the drug is observed already three days after the last reception.

Before we disassemble what the preparation has"Dufaston" side effects, let's find out under what conditions it is appointed. As should be clear from the above, the main purpose of taking the drug is to replace the woman's body with a deficiency of progesterone. This situation can occur with the usual termination of pregnancy; infertility, the cause of which is luteal insufficiency; with endometriosis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstrual cycle; with dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Does the drug Dufaston have contraindications? As a hormonal drug, it certainly has limitations on the use. So, it is impossible to prescribe it for malignant neoplastic diseases, gross violations of the liver. In addition, it is contraindicated in the syndrome of Rotor, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, individual hypersensitivity. At pregnancy it is necessary to accept only if there is a probability of a miscarriage.

In order for the drug "Dufaston" sideaction did not render, it is necessary to undergo a complex examination before the beginning of treatment, including a gynecological examination. In addition, you need to conduct regular mammograms. Precautions are prescribed for cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, migraine, impaired elimination function, diabetes.

When taking Dufaston, side effectsare rare. However, nausea and diarrhea may occur, rarely - profuse uterine bleeding. All these undesirable effects can be suppressed by increasing the dose of the drug. In isolated cases, hemolytic anemia, migraine or migraine-like headache, peripheral edema, and some liver function disorders are noted. But these states are extremely rare.

The delay in receiving "Dufaston" is usually notcase appears. In contrast, if a woman has a delay in menstruation, you can take this drug one tablet in the morning and evening. In this case, approximately on the second day of the month, most likely, will begin. However, the medication should be taken only after examination of the gynecologist, when the cause of the delay will be revealed. The drug "Dyufaston" is appropriate to appoint if the reason for the above condition is the lack of natural progesterone in the body of a woman.