"Gaviscon": reviews, instructions for use, analogues


How does the Gaviscon drug work? Reviews about this medication are ambiguous. About how to use this tool, whether it has analogues, contraindications and adverse reactions, we will describe in detail in the article presented.

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Form, packaging, composition

What is included in the composition of such a drug asGaviscon? Experts say that the active substances of this drug are calcium carbonate, sodium alginate and sodium hydrogen carbonate. With regard to packaging, it depends on the form of release of the drug. Currently you can buy:

  • Chewable tablets "Gaviscon" (mint or lemon). One carton can contain 16, 8, 32 or 24 tablets.
  • Liquid "Gaviscon" (suspension). The patients' reviews say that this form can be purchased in a bottle of 150, 100 and 300 ml.
  • The drug "Gaviscon" is a double action. The drug is available in the form of a suspension, which is packaged in bags of 10 ml, as well as in bottles of 200, 150, 600 and 300 ml.
  • Suspension "Gaviscon Forte". Experts' reviews indicate that such a mint medicine is sold in vials of 80, 250 and 150 ml.

Pharmacological features

What is the purpose of using the Gaviscon medication? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors say that this is a synthetic medicine with antacid effect.

Alginate sodium, which is part of the drug,derived from seaweed. Getting into the stomach, he immediately reacts with its contents. As a result of this action, a gel is formed. It prevents the return of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus. By the way, this kind of casting causes a feeling of heartburn.

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It should be noted that after taking the medication in the esophagus, the gel is already getting, and not the acidic contents of the stomach. In this case, the substance obtained as a result of the reaction is not capable of causing irritation.

Unlike other antacid agents, the drug"Gaviscon" does not cause a sharp and rapid decrease in the acidity of the stomach. In other words, the environment that is necessary for normal digestion remains even after using an anti-acid drug. At the same time, the resulting gel quite effectively protects the mucosa from the negative effects of gastric juice.

Like other antacids, the medication in question does not affect the cause of diseases of the digestive tract. It causes only regurgitation and has only a symptomatic effect.

Indications for use

In what cases can be prescribed "Gaviscon" medication? Testimonials of experts speak of the following indications of this drug:

  • symptoms that occur with increased acidity of gastric juice, as well as when casting its contents into the esophagus (for example, when belching sour, heartburn, including during pregnancy);
  • unpleasant sensations arising after eating (for example, with a feeling of overfilling the stomach);
  • severity and discomfort in the stomach.

Gaviscon instructions for use review
Contraindications for use

For what reasons can the Gaviscon medication be contraindicated? Testimonials of experienced doctors speak about the following prohibitions:

  • individual intolerance to components of resorption tablets or suspensions;
  • phenylketonuria;
  • children under 10 years old.

It should also be noted that this tool withcaution should be given to patients with cardiovascular insufficiency, kidney disease, as well as the violation of their work. Also, the medicine is forbidden to be taken if the patient requires a diet with restriction of table salt. This is due to the fact that the medication in question contains a large amount of sodium (it detains fluid in the body).

It should also be said that a significant amount of calcium in the preparation makes it impossible to use for people with kidney stone disease or at an elevated level of this element in the blood.

Dosage and route of administration

How should I use the Gaviscon medication? Reviews (candles "Gaviscon" do not exist) experts say that this drug should be taken inside before going to bed and after eating.

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The drug, released in the form of tablets, is thoroughly chewed and swallowed together with saliva. It is not recommended to drink it with water.

When using the suspension in a sachet, it should be carefully kneaded right in the sachet, and then taken inside.

If during the week the therapeutic effectand did not show up, you should always contact the doctor. The lack of result may be due to a decreased acidity of the contents of the stomach.

How much should I take Gaviscon? For adults, the suspension is prescribed in an amount of 10-20 ml (Geviscone Forte - 5-10 ml).

The maximum allowable dosage per day is 80 ml (Gaviscon Forte - 40 ml).

As for chewing tablets, they are recommended to take 2-4 pieces per 1 reception. The maximum amount of the drug per day is 16 tablets. Elderly persons are prescribed the same dose.

Overdose Symptoms

In the event that the patient accepted a largedosage of the drug, he may have a severe bloating. As a treatment for such a condition, it is recommended to cancel the medication and conduct symptomatic therapy.

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Adverse Reactions

As a rule, tablets and suspension "Gaviscon"are tolerated fairly well by patients. But sometimes such a preparation can cause side reactions of an allergic nature. It should also be noted that the excess of therapeutic dosages of calcium carbonate often causes the syndrome "ricochet", constipation and hypercalcemia.

special instructions

Medication "Gaviscon" does not have any influence on the concentration of attention and the speed of human reaction. Therefore, there are no professional restrictions during treatment with this drug.

If it is necessary to use this drug together with other medicines, then the interval between their methods should be at least 2 hours.

What do you need to know about the drug?

Can I take Gaviscon during pregnancy? The responses of specialists say that it is allowed to use such medication during fetal bearing.

If a patient needs to follow a diet low in salt, then he should be aware of the fact that the drug contains a large amount of sodium.

People with hypercalcemia and nephrocalcinosis, andalso with a penchant for the formation of kidney stones, take this medication with extreme caution, since it contains calcium carbonate.

It is strictly forbidden to appoint "Gaviscon" to patients with phenylketonuria. This is due to the fact that it includes aspartame.

With reduced acidity of gastric juice effectthe medicament is reduced. If the patient's condition has not improved within 7 days after the start of the medication, you should consult your doctor.

Gaviscon suspension reviews

It should be noted that tablets and suspension "Gaviscon" can mask the symptoms of serious gastrointestinal diseases.

In the case of disruption of the kidneys or the presence of gastroenteritis in the patient often occurs hypernatremia.

Analogues of the drug and its price

What can replace the drug "Gaviscon"?Analogues (reviews about the medicine you will find at the very end of the article) of this remedy can have completely different dosages and methods of administration than the medication in question. Therefore, to replace them with the medicine "Gaviscon" follows only the doctor's prescription.

The main analogs of the drug in questionare the following means: "Fosfalugel", "Vikalin", "Vikair", "Gastrotsepin" and "Gastal". As for the price, this means it is very high. For 16 tablets you will have about 200 rubles.

Patients' feedback on an antacid agent

Despite the high cost, the drug"Gaviscon" is very popular among those who suffer from increased acidity of gastric juice. This is due to the fact that such a drug effectively copes with the task. According to the patients, he quickly eliminates the feeling of heartburn and heaviness in the stomach after eating.

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Gaviscon tablets have a pleasant taste.However, many people notice that during the chewing process, the drug sticks to the teeth quite strongly, which causes considerable discomfort. In addition, the drawbacks of this drug include its high cost, because to eliminate heartburn at one time to take up to 4 tablets.

Also among negative reviews, there are also those where patients complain of side effects in the form of nausea and vomiting.

Many women are very pleased with the fact that it is possibleuse "Gaviscon" during pregnancy. Reviews of expectant mothers say that such a drug rather quickly eliminates bitterness in the mouth and heartburn. In this case, it does not affect the development of the fetus.