Aloe in folk medicine. Aloe juice - reviews, recipes, properties


Since ancient times, people use scarlet in folkmedicine. And today this medicinal plant is popular. The healing properties of aloe are recognized and official medicine. The plant is well studied, more than 200 bioactive substances contained in it have been identified, which are used with success in medical practice.

scarlet in folk medicine

Application and properties of the plant

The use of scarlet in folk medicine is basedon bactericidal, antiviral, antifungal properties of the plant. Also with his help, you can normalize the metabolism. Surprisingly, the plant is able to penetrate deep layers of the skin much faster than water. Reviews about this natural medicine are exceptionally positive. It can, if necessary, act as a natural antibiotic, purifies the body of toxins, toxins, radionuclides. In this case, the plant has antiulcer, anti-stress, anti-allergenic effect.

All its advantages are difficult to enumerate. In pharmacies in a wide range of products are presented based on this medicinal plant. They are used to treat wounds, burns, stomach diseases, anemia.

aloe in folk medicine

Today on the window of almost every house is growingthis is an amazing plant. The people call him "home doctor", and it's no accident, because in many cases, his leaves are a means of providing first aid. In addition, the plant is included in many folk recipes. Aloe will benefit both skin and hair, it will help with female and dermatological ailments.

The use of scarlet in gynecology

For the treatment of female diseases, juice is usedscarlet. With such ailments as dysplasia of the cervix, constipation during menopause, it is recommended to use 3 times a day on a tablespoon of juice of this plant. In the treatment of cervical erosion, aloe-impregnated tampons are applied. Eliminate mastitis by making compresses from the crushed leaves of the plant. When medicinal syrup is prepared, 600 g of honey are added with 3 tablespoons of bud caps, 200 g of scarlet leaves, all are filled with 3 glasses of red wine, thoroughly mixed and boiled for an hour. The resulting syrup on a tablespoon is taken 2 times a day. If the menstrual cycle is irregular, it is recommended for sugar to drip 10 drops of plant juice and dissolve.

Treatment of skin diseases

Aloe is widely used in folk medicine fortreatment of skin ailments. When jamming on the lips or cracks from this plant is recommended to make a blotch. Prepare it this way: take fish oil, onions and fresh aloe juice (3 tablespoons total), add flour, mix well and make a flat cake.

In the treatment of carbuncles and boils, a good effect will be applied from the crushed leaves of the plant.

To get rid of the rash with pustules, you canprepare tincture: cut the leaves of scarlet, add sugar (2 tablespoons) to 200 g of raw material, stir and insist. This tincture is recommended to wash the affected skin.

aloe juice

To eliminate adhesions with scars, the treatment is carried out using subcutaneous injections of a pharmacy extract of aloe.

In cosmetology extract from this plantIt is used for the manufacture of products that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Its juice is effective at insect bites and can be used as a preventative against wrinkles. Fresh juice is effective in the treatment of varicose veins, bruises, psoriasis.

Hair care

Aloe in folk medicine is widely used to improve the hair condition:

  • For growth and nutrition. Such a mask significantly accelerates growth, improvesstructure of hair and stops their loss. It includes such components: aloe juice, castor oil, oil solution of vitamins A and E (1 tsp), whey (1 tbsp.), Yolk (1 pc.). All is well mixed and applied to the roots of the hair once a week for 40 minutes.

  • Firming mask. Mix the juice of garlic (0.5 tsp.), aloe juice, almond oil, honey (1 tbsp total), infusion of burdock leaves (2 tbsp.). In the form of a compress on the roots of hair, apply a mask, hold for an hour, then rinse thoroughly with water (non-flammable).

  • From hair loss. Combine the yolk (1 pc.), Aloe juice (1 tbsp.), vitamin B6 or B1 (1 ampoule), honey, garlic and onion juice (all in 1 tbsp), diluted to consistency of sour cream mustard powder (1 tsp). On the roots apply a mask, distribute to all the hair, keep 40-60 minutes, after the specified time, rinse in the usual way.

    aloe properties

Aloe will help eyes

Treatment of ophthalmic diseases by thisa plant is also common. In case of inflammation of the eyelids, you can prepare a tincture: the leaves of the plant (100 g) are crushed and insisted in a container with dark walls under the lid for an hour. Then the raw material is brought to a boil, drained and stored in the same container. Cotton swabs are impregnated in the obtained tincture and wiped with eyelids.

Strengthening the immunity

The aloe plant in folk medicine is goodhas established itself as an effective tool for improving blood circulation, improving the tone, normalizing the cardiac activity. With the last goal, the curative infusion is prepared: in aloe (three years old or older) that has not been watered for 14 days, it is necessary to cut off the lower leaves, rinse, wrap in parchment and leave to be stored in a cool room for withering for 2 weeks. Then the finished raw materials are ground and in a ratio of 1: 3, pour water, infuse for 1.5 hours. The composition is filtered and can be consumed. That the received medicine was stored for a long time, it is evaporated. In fresh form, infusion over a tablespoon is taken 3 times a day, and evaporated - also three times a day by a dessert or a teaspoonful.

recipes aloe

Scarlet for the face

This plant can become the basis of effective masks for facial skin.

  • For oily skin. Combine the protein, whipped into a steep foam, and a spoonful of aloe juice, add a spoonful of lemon juice to the mixture. Apply to face mask and keep until dry, then rinse off with non-rinse water.

  • Rejuvenating. 2 tbsp. l. a strong broth of St. John's wort mix with a spoon of aloe juice, add a spoonful of sour cream and honey. Keep the mask on your face for 30 minutes, then wash your face with warm water, after rinsing the skin cold.

  • For dry skin. Take in equal parts glycerin or honey and juicealoe, mix, add oatmeal and a small amount of mineral water. Apply mask to face for 20 minutes. Also, the following mask will help to eliminate dry skin: mix a spoon of sour cream and aloe juice, add whipped protein, apply to the skin and leave for half an hour.

    scarlet treatment
  • Against acne. You can get rid of acne by usingcompresses with aloe. To do this, gauze napkin soak in the juice of plants, cover her face and leave for half an hour. In addition, it is useful to wipe the skin with a mixture of vodka and aloe juice and keep the composition on the face for 30 minutes.

Reviews about the plant

In addition to the above useful properties, aloe has other advantages. Numerous positive reviews confirm the high efficiency of this plant, namely, that it:

  • activates metabolic processes in tissues, promoting wound healing;
  • has a positive effect on the skin if damaged by X-rays;
  • relieves headaches of unclear etiology;
  • positively affects the body with neuroses.


Of course, scarlet in folk medicine isone of the leading positions. This plant can save a lot of problems. But, unfortunately, there are certain contraindications to its use inside. With care use scarlet in diseases of the heart, liver, stomach, cholecystitis in acute form. Categorically contraindicated use of the plant for internal bleeding and pregnancy. Aloe can provoke the development of allergic reactions. It is not recommended to take plant juice with gastritis, stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids in the stage of exacerbation. Aloe contains biologically active substances, which can be dangerous for the children's immune system, therefore it is necessary to apply this plant to children with special caution and only after consulting a specialist.