Suspension Gaviscon, instructions for use


It is rare to find a person who has neverlife did not suffer from heartburn. And who suffered, he knows how disagreeable this ball rolling to the throat and burning inside. Improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, abuse of acute and sour food often lead to gastrointestinal diseases and as a result, attacks of acid reflux and acidic eructations. However, not only diseases are the cause of these unpleasant sensations. It's no secret that heartburn often affects women during pregnancy - a growing abdomen supports the diaphragm and stimulates the release of gastric juice into the esophagus. In this case, a drug is needed that is safe for the future child, which gently and quickly eliminates unpleasant sensations - for example, "Gaviscon" and "Gaviscon forte." Instructions for use of this drug should always be at hand.

"Gaviscon" - one of the most famous and popular drugs used for heartburn. There are 2 forms of release - chewable tablets and suspension for ingestion.

Suspension "Gaviscon", instructions for use:

The slurry is a viscous liquidwhite or milky-cream color with the smell of mint. It consists of 500 mg of sodium alginate, 267 mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate and calcium carbonate of 160 mg. Suspension is available in vials of 300,150 or 100 ml. In addition to the main active substances, it includes a number of auxiliary - methylparahydroxybenzoate, purified water, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, peppermint oil, carbomer, sodium saccharin and sodium hydroxide.

Adults, seniors and teenagers overTwelve years should be taken from 10 to 20 ml after eating or when symptoms appear. The maximum allowable daily dose of a medicine for this category of patients is 80 ml. A child from six to 12 years should be given a suspension of "Gaviscon" from five to 10 ml after meals and before going to bed, 40 ml - the maximum daily dose of the drug.

Gaviscon suspension, instruction: contraindications and side effect

As a side effect after taking the drug, you can see allergic reactions. "Gaviscon" should not be taken to children under six years of age and with caution - people with impaired renal function.

In case of an overdose, bloating may occur.

"Gaviscon", instruction: indications for use

The medicine is used for symptomatictreatment, with increased acidity of gastric juice, heartburn, acidic eructation, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. The drug can be used for lactation and during pregnancy.

"Gaviscon2, instruction: pharmacological action

The drug antacid pharmacological action. After ingestion, "Gaviscon" almost immediately begins to react with acidic contents of the stomach. A gel of alginate with a practically neutral pH is formed, which prevents the appearance of gastroesophageal reflux and, enveloping the walls of the stomach, forms a protective film on it. With regurgitation, the formed gel penetrates into the esophagus, reduces irritation of the mucosa.

Penetration into the systemic blood stream does not affect the action of the drug.

"Gaviscon" in tablets differs from suspension"Gaviscon" dosage. Tablets are taken orally, thoroughly chewed in the mouth. Children from 12 years and adults can take 2-4 tablets at bedtime, after eating or when unpleasant symptoms appear.

"Gaviscon": instruction, special instructions

In 4 tablets of the drugcontains 246 mg of sodium (10.6 mmol). In 10 ml of the suspension, 141 mg of sodium. In addition, a single dose of 4 tablets contains 320 mg of calcium carbonate (3.2 mmol). This information should be taken into account for patients with kidney disease, patients with hypercalcemia, nephrocalcinosis, congestive heart failure and recurrent formation of kidney stones containing calcium.

Keep the "Gaviscon" instruction recommends no more than 2 years at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.