Causes and symptoms of sinusitis in adults


the first signs of genyantritis in adults

Sinusitis is a fairly common disease,which is often observed in both children and adults. The disease is accompanied by an inflammatory lesion of the maxillary sinuses, severe pains and purulent discharge. But what are the first symptoms of sinusitis in adults? This question is relevant, since the therapy started in time will help to avoid negative consequences.

What is genyantritis and what are its causes?

As already mentioned, this diseaseis accompanied by an inflammatory process, localized in the maxillary sinuses. In some cases, the disease also affects the bone tissue of the periosteum. Before you find out what the main symptoms of maxillary sinusitis look like in adults, it is worth reading about the causes of the illness:

  • It should be noted that in adulthood the inflammatory process is most often the result of certain infectious lesions of the teeth, in particular caries.
  • In some cases, pathogenic microorganisms penetrate into the maxillary sinuses directly from the external environment during trauma.

Risk factors include lowering the body's immune defenses. And the weakening of the defensive forces can be either general or local (similar is observed in a gusty cold wind).

The main symptoms of maxillary sinusitis in adults

The disease has a very clear clinicalpicture. For a start, there is a persistent nasal congestion. Patients also complain of heaviness in the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses - these are the first signs of sinusitis in adults.

symptoms of sinusitis in adults

But as the disease progresses, the lungsthe heaviness becomes a tangible soreness, which is amplified by tilting the head down. Gradually the pain intensifies and becomes almost unbearable. Along with this, there is an increase in body temperature, weakness and numbness in the body.

Later on, purulent secretions of a yellowish or greenish hue with a very unpleasant odor appear from the nose. If you have such symptoms, you should immediately contact an otolaryngologist.

Chronic sinusitis and its signs

In the absence of timely treatment, the diseasecan quickly move into a chronic form. In this case, the symptoms of genyantritis in adults will look different. After all, the disease is hidden, and the signs present are written off for general fatigue or a runny nose.

In chronic sinusitis, there is a constantobstruction of the nose, which makes breathing difficult and affects the patient's well-being. From time to time, you can see a slight viscous discharge from the nose. People with a chronic form of inflammation suffer from frequent headaches, general weakness and constant fatigue. Often there is a weakening of the sense of smell.

symptoms of sinusitis in adults treatment

How is maxillary sinusitis treated?

Of course, with these problems is bestimmediately make an appointment with a doctor. Only a specialist knows how the symptoms of sinusitis in adults look. Treatment in this case directly depends on the severity of the disease and the causes of its occurrence.

Since most of the sinusitis is causedbacterial infection, then patients need to take antibiotics. Very effective will be "Amoxicillin", "Macropen", "Cephalexin". In addition, for the treatment of vasodilating drops and antihistamines ("Diazolin", "Suprastin", "Tavegil"), which remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa and facilitate nasal breathing. In some cases, the nose is washed using antiseptics. The puncture of the nasal sinuses is only indicated if the normal outflow of purulent masses is disturbed.