Inflammation of the gums? Treatment is just necessary


To date, people are worried about not only problems with teeth, but also with gums.

gum disease treatment
It's no secret that a doctor-periodontist examination is necessary. If you have gum disease, treatment is mandatory.

Why are gingivitis inflamed?

The causes of gum disease are many. This is the protruding edge of the filling or crown, malnutrition, diabetes, hormonal changes in the body, rare tooth cleaning and others. Proceeding from this, the methods of treatment can also be different. The most common cause of problems with teeth and gums is insufficient care of the oral cavity.

bleed gums treatment
A consequence of this is swelling,sensitivity, bleeding, inflammation of the gums. Treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor, but it is also possible to use some traditional medicine methods to temporarily relieve symptoms.

Stages of gum disease

Inflammation of the gums has two stages of development: gingivitis and periodontitis.

- Gingivitis is serious enoughdisease and affects soft tissue. In this case, there is pain, swelling, redness, bleeding, i.e. gingival inflammation. Treatment takes time, and it is best to see a doctor.

- Periodontitis develops in the absenceadequate treatment of gingivitis and is characterized by inflammation of not only the gums, but also bone tissue, as well as a ligamentous device holding the tooth in a stationary position. In this case, the gums begin to separate from the teeth, periodontal pockets are formed, from which the purulent somatic part separates, the teeth become mobile. If the disease does not begin to be treated on time, you can lose your teeth.

than to remove gum disease
Than to remove an inflammation of a gum or gingiva?

Often a thorough examination ofdoctor for him to prescribe a cure. If there is no such possibility, and the symptoms constantly remind you of themselves, you can use several methods of traditional medicine that will help to dull the pain and unpleasant sensation for a while. The first stage of care for teeth and gums is a thorough cleansing of the oral cavity. The most common way to relieve inflammation is to rinse your teeth with a decoction of chamomile, sage, oak bark, calendula or thyme. These herbs have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. You can also rub the Kalanchoe juice or cranberries directly into the gums if the gums bleed.

gum disease treatment

Treatment at home is noteffective, since rinses help to remove symptoms, but do not eliminate inflammation, so you can not neglect a doctor's visit. In cases of local inflammation of the gums, which developed as a result of unsuccessful filling or prosthetics, it is probably not necessary to do without medical intervention, but it is necessary to eliminate the cause, and the swelling is rapid enough. In case of any problems with teeth and gums, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause of the disease, and try to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Problems with the gums cause discomfort and can lead to irreversible effects, so it is important to cure them in time or to prevent gum disease.

gum disease treatment

Treatment should be done with a doctor. In order to prevent the disease, you should regularly eat raw fruits and vegetables. This reduces the risk of gum disease, which means you will have a beautiful and healthy smile.